Headshot of Maeve Lee

Chief Operating Officer: Maeve Lee

School: School of Education
Program: Higher Education Administration
Email: GSLMU.COO@lmu.edu

Maeve is a student in her second year of graduate school in the Higher Education Administration program. With a focus on student affairs, social justice, and transfer student populations, Maeve endeavors that her academic work will facilitate greater diversity, equity, and positive experiences for nontraditional student groups in the university and college setting. Born and raised in the South Bay, Maeve is excited to be close to campus as we begin our return to normalcy. As a member of GSLMU's executive team, she hopes to provide a voice and advocate for all graduate students at LMU. In addition to being a student full-time, Maeve works as a Graduate Assistant in the School of Education focusing on recruitment and admission. In her free time she loves travelling, spending time at the beach, and trying new restaurants and coffee shops.