Headshot of Taylor Falati

Taylor Falati

Senator: College of Business Administration

Taylor Falati is currently a second year MBA student at LMU and works at Venice Brands as a Brand Manager.

She has a background in marketing and has always enjoyed challenging herself. She wanted to take on the role as GSLMU Senator to get more involved at LMU and bring more events to her fellow CBA students. As a GSLMU Senator, she wants to bring more interaction between the different cohorts especially since some students started their graduate program on zoom. As an undergrad graduate of LMU she knows how important it is to be immersed in the LMU community at the graduate level. She wants people to experience the LMU community to its fullest, she intends to action this by planning more events between different programs. To Taylor it is important to strengthen the LMU community especially at the graduate level. In Taylors spare time, she loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, and going to Disneyland!