Create a Student Organization

lmu create a student organization

Student Leadership & Development (SLD) is excited that you are interested in starting a new Registered Student Organization (RSO) here at Loyola Marymount University. To begin, browse the organizations listed to ensure that your organization does not already exist. (In the top left of the screen, click on the LMU LA button. Then click on Organizations, and view the registered RSOs.)

If you see you organization or a similar group, please do not move forward with the new registration process, rather we encourage you to reach out to the existing organization President through LMU EXP Online.

Listed below are the requirements for starting a new RSO, make sure you have all of the requirements below prior to completing your application, or else you will not be able to advance and complete the registration process.

  1. Constitution: this will be the backbone of your RSO. Your constitution will provide structure and the framework for how your RSO operates. We encourage you to look at sample constitutions before you begin to create your constitution.
  2. Mission statement: this will be “Article II” from your constitution. As a mission-based institution, all LMU RSO’s should be grounded in and reflect all or some components of the LMU mission statement. Please ensure that your mission statement promotes the values of the LMU mission.
  3. Membership Roster: a minimum of 10 members are required to start your new RSO. You are expected to recruit members on your own. You will need the first and last name, and LMU email address of each prospective member.
  4. Advisor: Your on-campus advisor must be either a LMU faculty or staff member. It is up to you as the new President to recruit your advisor. This position serves as a mentor for your RSO and a great resource on campus. Each advisor responsibility varies from RSO to RSO. You and your advisor should have a conversation about your expectation and their time commitment for how much time and energy they can commit to the role. The advisor should know that this is a volunteer opportunity, but will be fulfilling and a way to connect with students!

Complete your online application form which will be reviewed by the SLD team by the determined deadline. Upon review of your application form, you will receive a notice to complete the final registration step to officially register your new RSO.

Fall 2017 Timeline for Starting a New RSO

  • October 31: New RSO Application Goes Live in LMU EXP Online
  • October 31 - November 12: New RSO Open Enrollment is Open
  • *Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm*
  • November 14: New RSO Application Notifications sent via email


Please direct questions to Katie Styles, Program Coordinator for Registered Student Organizations, at