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Loyola Marymount University is a proud home to visiting scholars who come to Los Angeles from around the world. Any faculty member or academic department may request to sponsor an international scholar to visit LMU for a variety of purposes. 

  • Step 1: Sponsoring an Exchange Visitor

    A department wishing to sponsor an exchange visitor scholar must submit the following to Office for International Students & Scholars (OISS):

    **We are no longer accepting paper applications submitted after February 1st, 2020**

    **Our application process has recently changed. Please go to MyStatus and follow the instructions in This Video (slides used in the video can be found HERE)**

    If you are having any difficulties with the new process, please contact our office and we will help you.

    If you started an application BEFORE February 1st, 2020 you may continue to use the paper version listed below:

    • Completed OISS DS-2019 Request Form
    • Copy of financial documentation if non-LMU funding
    • An invitation letter from faculty sponsor addressed to Exchange Visitor (EV), briefly stating the responsibilities, field of research/teaching, length of sponsorship and financial assistance from LMU (if none, please state none.)
    • C.V.
    • Copy of passport ID page of EV
    • Copy of passport ID page of family, if family accompanying EV to U.S.
    • Mandatory Health Insurance Certification
    • Attestation of English Language Proficiency (Additional supporting document, if applicable)

    Step 2: Review

    Once we receive the materials mentioned above, we will:

    • Reviews Request Form and obtains approval from the Provost
    • Enters EV data in SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) and issues Form DS-2019
    • Prepares the DS-2019 packet and sends to department:
      1. Form DS-2019
      2. Welcome letter & checklist (i.e. SEVIS brochure, visa application info, mandatory health insurance)
      Then, it is the department's responsibility to send the DS-2019 packet to th. Exchange Visitor via Express Mail

    Step 3: Acceptance

    • Upon acceptance of the DS-2019 packet, Exchange Visitor will need to pay SEVIS fee online.
    • Exchange Visitor is also responsible for scheduling a visa appointment (not applicable for Canadian citizens) at one of the U.S Embassies Abroad.
    • U.S. embassy/ consulate reviews application, conducts security background check, and issues visa stamp.
    • Exchange Visitor may arrive in the U.S.30 days before but no later than 30 days after program start date.

    Step 4: Arrival

    • Once arriving at LMU, Visitor Scholars should check in with OISS immediately (no later than 30 days from start date) with visa and health insurance documents (passport, Form DS-2019, Online I-94, evidence of health insurance).
    • OISS Notifies the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via SEVIS that the scholar has begun program participation.
    • Exchange Visitor needs to attend OISS meeting covering issues such as maintaining J-1 visa status, travel, employment, social security number, DMV and adjusting to life in U.S.
  • If the scholar receives LMU/LLS funding, they must complete I-9 Form on or before the first day of employment. The Scholar must also register in Glacier (non-resident tax compliance web-based system).

  • The months before the start date of the J-1 Exchange Visitor's program, the department should complete the forms, and provide the copies of documents, listed below. All documents must be sent to OISS in either in hard or soft copy.

    A complete Request for DS-2019 will include:

    • DS-2019 Request Form
    • An invitation letter from faculty sponsor addressed to Exchange Visitor (EV), briefly stating the responsibilities, field of research/teaching, length of sponsorship and financial assistance from LMU (if none, please state none.), or copy of appointment letter
    • Supporting Financial Document
    • Mandatory Health Insurance Certification
    • Attestation of English Language Proficiency (Additional Supporting Documents, if applicable)
    • Copies of current passport and previous U.S. immigration documents for J-1 scholar and any J-2 dependents
    • Scholar’s CV

    Upon review of complete Request for DS-2019, OISS will obtain the Provost's approval.

    • Faculty sponsor must be physically present and will not be on sabbatical or other leave during the stay of the J-1 participant; if he or she is taking leave, an alternate sponsor who will be available to meet the J-1 participant's needs must be specified in writing to the OISS.
    • Faculty sponsor must hold professorship at LMU/LLS. A visiting or adjunct faculty cannot sponsor a J-1 participant.
      Faculty sponsor must attest that the J-1 participant possesses sufficient proficiency in the English language to perform his/her jobs or complete his/her academic programs; to navigate daily life in the United States; to read and comprehend program materials; to understand fully his/her responsibilities, rights, and protections; and to know how to obtain assistance, if necessary.
    • Faculty sponsor must clarify in writing what the scholar’s expectations should be in terms of University support, benefits, length of program, and availability of office and lab space, equipment, computer access, clerical support and faculty collaboration. This should be in the form of a letter of invitation or appointment prior to the scholar’s arrival.
    • Faculty sponsor must assist the J-1 participant and his/her family with locating an appropriate place to live and related needs. However, faculty sponsor is not responsible for providing housing to J-1 participant.
    • Faculty sponsor must ensure that the J-1 participant visits OISS upon arrival for orientation required by federal regulations and completes any processes required by the University.
    • Faculty sponsor must ensure that any difficulties which arise during the J-1 participant's stay at LMU are brought to the attention of OISS. In addition, faculty sponsor must inform OISS "on or before the next business day" of any serious problem or controversy that pertains to the J-1 participant (i.e., death, etc.).
    • Faculty sponsor must ensure that the J-1 participant engages in cross-cultural activities while at LMU. Cross-cultural exchange activities are an essential part of the LMU’s Exchange Visitor Program and of our continued ability to sponsor exchange visitors across campus. To comply with the federal regulatory requirements of the exchange visitor program, all sponsoring units must have plans in place to offer cross-cultural exchange opportunities to their exchange visitors.
    • J-1 participants may not change any aspect of their program terms without ADVANCE APPROVAL from the OISS, i.e., academic objective; effective dates; faculty supervisor; amount and/or source of funding; site of activity; or insurance coverage.
    • Faculty sponsors/supervisors may not authorize any change in any aspect of the J-1 participant’s program, either verbally or in writing. The J-1 participant and faculty sponsor are responsible for understanding and complying with the terms of the program. Representations or statements made by the faculty sponsor do not change the terms of the J-1 program, or relieve the participants of their obligations under the terms of the program.
    • J-1 participants may not hold tenured or tenure-track positions.
    • The department will submit a completed DS-2019 request to OISS, preferably three (3) months before the program start date. OISS reserves the right to require a different start date if the timeframe requested is unlikely to succeed, taking into account international mail, visa wait times, and international travel.
    • Faculty sponsor must report to OISS if J-1 participants withdraw from, or complete the program prior to the date listed on Form DS-2019.