lmu oiss Abdullah Alrashdan

Abdullah Alrashdan '16

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, First-Year M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Abdullah came to Loyola Marymount University as a transfer student from another school in Southern California. At LMU, he found support among the faculty of the Seaver School of Science and Engineering who helped him adjust to his new environment. Together, Abdullah and his professors worked to enrich his studies outside of the classroom with research and hands-on opportunities. His positive experience as an undergraduate student inspired him to stay at LMU to pursue his master’s degree.

Why did you choose to come to Loyola Marymount University?

As an avid surfer, for me, LMU has the perfect geographical location being in the heart of Los Angeles on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. But mostly it was the academic possibilities that inspired my decision and the research conducted by LMU’s professors. I found out about the B.S/M.S programs in mechanical engineering which then put LMU at the top of my list.

My parents have always encouraged me to challenge myself academically and wanted me to get a quality education. They advised me to study in the United States and prepared me financially and mentally for the journey ahead.

How did you involvements at LMU shape your experience?

As an undergraduate, I took advantage of every opportunity I had to enhance my academic experience. I participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) which not only improved my research skills but was also a fun social experience. 

I am also a member of the Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi. During my last semester as an undergraduate, I started working as a Teaching Assistant for multiple mechanical engineering classes. I found joy and personal growth by pursuing co-curricular opportunities to compliment my academic studies. 

What was your biggest challenge?

Like many international students, adapting to a new culture, to the American culture, takes time and doesn’t always come quickly or easily. Fundamental cultural differences made seeking close American friends challenging for me. 

What achievement makes you proud?

I have one publication so far in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It started from a lab report describing an experiment I had to do for my class. Upon reading the paper, my professor suggested that my team and I publish it. I am currently working on my second publication for a materials engineering journal.