Angela Torres Camarena, visiting scholar

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico

Department: School of Film and Television

As LMU internationalizes, our campus is home to a growing number of international faculty and scholars who come to our campus to teach and/or perform research. Angela Torres Camarena, international scholar from Mexico is a recipient of HBO’s Changemaker award and the C.W. Hacket award for outstanding work in Latin American studies. Having earned her bachelor's at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and her master’s at the University of Texas at Austin, Angela began her career at LMU in 2017, and is currently teaching in the School of Film and Television.

Impacting the World

Even before she was enacting social change through her work as a director and faculty member at LMU, Angela was having an impact on the world. During her time at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Angela would volunteer at the Villa Eudes Orphanage, working with the young girls to help them to put on plays and develop their artistic skills.

When Angela came to the U.S. as a student she had to adjust to the competitive atmosphere of her school, but quickly recognized she would have more opportunities to be a director here than in her home country. One of her most distinct memories is when she was asked to direct a commercial in Mexico and had to meet with the client to discuss the project. Upon seeing her for the first time, he used a patronizing name to refer to her and asked where the real director was.

Welcome to LMU

However, being successful in the U.S. would have its challenges as well. When applying to become a professor of film production, Angela was drawn to LMU not only because of its prestige but also because its community was far more welcoming than the other institutions at which she had been looking. Speaking about her experience at LMU, Angela said, “LMU offers a humanistic approach that makes me feel really good about my work.” LMU offered her a chance to develop all aspects of her persona—academic, spiritual, professional and more—and she has enjoyed being able to help students combine their passions for film with exploration of their own identities.

Outside the Classroom

Outside of her time in the classroom and working on set, Angela enjoys being out in nature. She can often be found at the beach, possibly playing Pokemon GO as she hangs out with friends. Her latest film, "The Trigger" won a grant by the highly competitive Texas Filmmakers Production Fund and is in development as a feature film. She is so glad to be a part of the LMU community and looks forward to seeing what her time at LMU will bring.