lmu oiss Anna Mariel Lozano Roda

Anna Mariel Lozano Roda '16

MBA in Finance and Marketing

Hometown: Manila, The Philippines

Mariel obtained her bachelor degree at Ateneo de Manila University, a major Jesuit university in the Philippines. Even though she had a good job in a city bank back home, she aspired to do more. Mariel dreamed of pursuing her MBA in Los Angeles – a big move that she feared was risky. But deep inside, Mariel knew she had to try. In 2016, she graduated LMU’s MBA program with a job waiting for her at American Honda Finance Corporation.

What helped you transition to Loyola Marymount University the the United States?

You hear so many stories of discrimination and xenophobia, but I never felt that these stories exist at LMU. Throughout my entire time there, I found LMU to be a very inclusive community. Each group that wants to identify itself has a voice and a place to do so. Working for Student Affairs, I realized that making all students feel recognized and safe was of top priority. I always felt welcome, and it made it easier for me to navigate the system and concentrate on my studies.

How did your involvements at LMU influence your experience?

Finding a job in Finance is not an easy task, especially not for an international student. I had to do whatever I could to give myself a competitive advantage and to boost my resume. Luckily, I was able to find such opportunities at LMU. I worked as the Research and Assessment Graduate Assistant of the Student Affairs Dean’s Office. I also joined Graduate Students of Loyola Marymount University (GSLMU) as the Treasurer. During the summer sessions of my graduate studies, I worked as an intern at American Honda Finance Corporation, where I now work full time as a Business Analyst.

What would you like others to know about international students?

International students have to work twice as hard as domestic students. Most people forget that being an international student means leaving your comfort zone to pursue an education in a foreign place where you usually don’t have friends or family to turn to when you need help. We attend classes, take tests and write papers in a language that isn’t our native tongue. Moreover, we need to research in response to historical and cultural references that are considered common knowledge for the average American. Likewise, things that are common knowledge in our cultures are unknown here. Being in the United Stated changes your point of reference.

What career advice can you offer to LMU students?

Many programs on campus strive to offer career, learning, and social opportunities to provide an education that shapes the whole person. Make sure that you take advantage of them. Don’t be shy – being involved pays off.