Dor Goldman '09

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

Major: Entrepreneurship

Surrounded by the modern and vibrant city of Tel Aviv, a group of LMU students sits at a cafe. Though the city is home to a multitude of interesting people, culinary experiences, and fantastic beaches, what brings them to this place is a visit with host Dor Goldman, LMU international alumnus.

A graduate from the class of 2009, Dor began his LMU career not knowing if he would be able to finance his entire education. When a spot opened up in the Student Worker program, he was quick to seize the opportunity to join. This initiative on his part allowed him to continue his studies in Entrepreneurship, and it is a quality that has served him well throughout his life.

His First Business

After graduation, Dor returned home to Israel, where he opened his first business in the food and beverage industry. He found himself in conflict with his partner, and after much soul searching he decided to sell his shares in the enterprise and create his next opportunity.

Dor soon opened two new businesses with two different groups within six months. His first failure helped him to grow as a businessman, and both of his new businesses were incredibly successful. Eventually, he was able to give up the daily operations of his two businesses in order to pursue work with an international healthcare organization. Now, he gets to work innovatively on entrepreneurial ventures which provide access to healthcare for those in vulnerable populations.

Grateful for LMU

Recently, Dor returned to LMU to visit friends, attend a former classmate’s wedding, and present his experience as a businessman to an entrepreneurship class. He is incredibly grateful for the tools LMU gave him to have an informed perspective on the business world, and it has always been a dream of his to come back and speak at LMU. He wants students to know that failure is a part of the process as an entrepreneur and that LMU has taught him that continuous effort will eventually result in success.

Dor is still well connected with friends and mentors from LMU, and he is always looking for opportunities to give back. After all, as he reminds us, we should all dream big, but remember we are just one person in the world-we should always remember to lift others up through our successes.