Kabir Buxani ‘18

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Majors: Finance, Engineering Physics, Applied Physics

A Spanish passport, South Asian heritage, a home in the Philippines-Kabir Buxani is an individual with an incredibly diverse identity. Raised in Metro Manila, he was constantly exposed to people from all over the world, allowing him to easily blend together his various cultural heritages. When he got to LMU, his diverse background allowed him to connect to his fellow international students, and it served him well in developing friendships across campus. Now a senior at LMU, Kabir’s studies have reflected the multiplicity of his cultural background. Kabir appreciates that he was able to explore so many subjects on a campus with an amazing sense of community. Not only is he double majoring in engineering-physics and finance, but he is also double minoring in electrical engineering and math.

On any given day, you can find Kabir hanging out with his friends in the Engineering quad. While they might be hosting a Mario Kart tournament, you could also find them getting a head start on next year’s SpaceX competition. This last year, Kabir teamed up with other students from LMU’s College of Science and Engineering to send their first ever entry into the competition. While they did not win this time, they did manage to make it into the top 40, which is by no means a small feat.

Aside from collaborating with his friends and classmates, Kabir also spends time working on his own individual projects. Currently, he is working on a project for his senior thesis meant to measure and record data on muons, small particles similar to electrons but heavier than mass. Once he has finished, his project will be displayed in the engineering quad where it will continue to record data.

Outside of his academic activities, Kabir likes to watch anime, go bowling, and play League of Legends. His favorite genre of movie is mysteries, and he enjoys going to escape mazes with his friends. One day, he hopes to either be working for an electrical engineering firm in Singapore or further pursue his passion for physics and engineering in his father’s business.