Divisional Accountability


This page highlights information and progress on the Division of Student Affair’s efforts to move DEI efforts forward. Accountability is built into the structure of the DEI Steering Committee’s charge and will continue to be updated regularly here.


The Student Affairs Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Committee found four major themes for areas of concern across the division and submitted recommendations for progress and improvement to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs in spring 2021:
ThemesDivisional ChallengeSAEIC RecommendationSVPSA Approval StatusNext Steps
Transparency There is a lack of clarity around what is discussed at Management Team (MT). Dissemination of information varies based on MT representative for a unit. Create a mechanism for sharing and distributing MT notes. Modified with clarification SVPSA's Executive Assistant will begin to take notes in MT meetings and distribute to all MT members to share with their teams. Ideal launch in mid-April.
Staff are looking for ways to present topics MT should be discussing and addressing. Provide a venue for agenda items and guest speakers to be considered for MT meetings. Modified with clarification Individual concerns, ideas, suggestions should be communicated to each area’s MT representative.

Staff feel communication is not distributed well across the division. Create a chart detailing flow of information expectation and responsibility. Modified with clarification Each area has an MT representative. SVPSA is meeting with MT 1:1 to address expectations of MT to share information with staff and to explore ways to improve the function of MT.
Staff feel communication is not distributed well across the division (continued). Proactive Communication around challenging topics and issues that impact staff in the division. Approved As best possible, SVPSA and Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) will be proactive in their communication and learn from the lessons from summer 2020.
Race in the Division

Considering environmental microaggressions and how to ensure our space is one that is as inclusive as possible. Consider inclusive art in public spaces of Malone. Approved The LMU Arts Commission is meeting to develop community guidelines and strategies to perform this task. Jade Smith represents Student Affairs in this committee. Departments will be provided support to look at their spaces and suggestions for improvement.
Staff crave opportunities to dive deep into interculturalism. "Implicit bias should be a baseline not a finish line." Develop a robust mandatory training program that expands LMU's implicit Bias training. Pending SAEIC committee will develop training session plan in collaboration with others in division and submit for approval to SALT and SVPSA.
Staff want more professional development opportunities focused on issues of race, culture, gender, and society that affect students and staff. Creation of education and professional series utilizing resources available through LMU. Approved SAEIC committee will seek recommendations and compile resources that will be available to the division.
  SAEIC will work with every department in Student Affairs to conduct a systemic analysis audit to help improve policies, procedures, and structures that are baked into our way of proceeding and often create barriers to fully address the needs of our students and staff. Approved SAEIC will include more members at various levels of the division in this work, and help create a mechanism to support each department, recognizing that different departments enter this work at different levels and with varying needs of support and consultation.
Job Security   Communicate with the division the impact of furloughs and develop innovative strategies for staff reduction if the need arises again in the future Approved with Clarification Provost addressed the potential for future furloughs in his 3/11/21 town hall indicating he did not believe further furloughs would be necessary. SALT will develop creative solutions with the collaboration of LMU HR, if the need arises in the future.

Division of Student Affairs Unit Progress Report

Download the report here.