Headshot of Chaya Crowder

Chaya Crowder, Ph.D.
Palm North

Email: Chaya.Crowder@lmu.edu

Dr. Chaya Crowder’s research and teaching interests include political behavior, race and ethnicity politics, gender and politics as well as social media and American politics. She uses an intersectional approach in her research to explore the ways that attention to race, gender and sexuality have differential effects on political behavior. 


Professor Crowder is passionate about teaching. She was a McGraw Teaching Fellow at Princeton University. Professor Crowder also taught at East Jersey State Prison through the Prison Teaching Initiative. She is the 2018 recipient of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists’ Bayard Rustin Best LGBTQ Student Paper Award. Professor Crowder was also a 2016 recipient of the Ford Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and a 2015-2016 APSA Minority Fellow. 


Her book project explores how consciousness at the intersection of racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and sexuality-based discrimination influences support for policies that affect intersectionally marginalized groups. Professor Crowder develops a theory and measurement of what she calls “intersectional solidarity,” which is defined as awareness and distress over disadvantaged subgroups’ oppression. 


Professor Crowder is deeply interested in the ways in which data can be used to affect change. She previously worked as a social justice research fellow at the Center for Popular Democracy. 


Dr. Crowder graduated with a BA and an MA in Political Science from Columbia University where she was a John Kluge Scholar. She received her PhD from the Department of Politics at Princeton University where she also received certificates in African-American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. 


Her work has appeared in such journals as PS and Perspectives on Politics. She has also written articles that have appeared in The Washington Post and The Grio.