Headshot of Skinner Myers

Skinner Myers
Del Rey South

Email: skinner.myers@lmu.edu

My name is Skinner Myers and I'm the faculty in residence for Del Rey South. I am a Clinical Assistant Professor of Production in the film school here at LMU. I teach both graduate and undergraduate production and post-production classes. I'm starting my 4th year here as an LMU Film Professor. I made my feature film debut as the writer and director of the documentary, Drinking From The Well, which screened in film festivals domestically and internationally. I wrote and directed four short films: Chimera, The Last Supper, Obscured, and Nigger, while studying film at USC School of Cinematic Arts. My sixth film, La Tierra Del Exodo, played in over 90 festivals worldwide and garnered a ton of awards and countless nominations including Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Short Film. My film, Frank Embree, took home the Grand Jury Award at Hollyshorts Film Festival and was in the Oscar competition for Best Short Live Action in 2018. My film, Nightmares by the Sea, premiered at the Art Film Festival in Cannes and my latest film, Things Of Beauty Burn, is currently in post-production.

When I'm not making films or teaching others how to make films I love running and getting better at my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu abilities.