PEEC: Program for an Engineering Education Community


PEEC (Program for an Engineering Education Community) is a living-learning community program for first-year computer science and engineering majors in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering. Students enrolled in the following majors are eligible to participate in PEEC:

Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Undecided

Students in PEEC share experiences that are designed to create a fully integrated learning experience and further their interest and success in pursuing careers in the engineering disciplines. These experiences include:

Enrollment in a one-unit seminar together in the fall semester of their first year of study at LMU.

Living on the same dormitory floor in Del Rey South and participating in co-curricular experiences together.

Participating in co-curricular programs including community dinners, field trips around Los Angeles county, and science-oriented activities.

Classroom Experience

All PEEC classroom environment consists of enrollment in a 1-unit seminar together in the fall semester of their first year. The PEEC seminar focuses on opportunities for students to become engaged in university life, gain exposure to resources that will aid in their academic success, and explore computer science and engineering with other students who share similar interests.

The seminar is designed to help students synthesize their academic experience through discussion and reflection in order to gain a greater awareness of the University, the field of engineering, and themselves as college learners.

Residence Hall Experience

All students enrolled in PEEC will live on the same dormitory floor in Del Rey South. Living on the same dormitory floor allows students to build close relationships and enables them to learn together and from one another as they experience their first semester of college at LMU.

PEEC participants will move in early to their dormitory residences on August, 23, 2023.

The community is staffed with two resident advisers (RAs) who are engineering or computer science majors. The RAs plan activities and programs for the residents that foster community and engagement. In addition, RAs serve as an academic resource to the PEEC participants.

Los Angeles Experience

Past excursions included trips to some of Los Angeles' well-known sites including SpaceX, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), and Disneyland Imagineering Experience tours. All co-curricular programs will be subject to local health authority guidelines.


Apply to participate in the PEEC living-learning community on the LMU housing Application before May 12th, 2023 for consideration.

For the current application cycle, all applicants will be notified of their acceptance on May 22nd, 2023 via their email account.


For more information about PEEC and how to enroll in the program, please contact the Seaver College of Science and Engineering at (310) 338-2834 or by email at