Move-In & Move-Out

Student Housing Move-In Details: Spring 2021 

*Note: This webpage will be updated as soon as details for Fall 2021 move-in become available.

The University is planning to increase the number of beds available on campus when approved from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH). Currently, LACDPH has issued a Safer At Home order and have not yet authorized higher education to open therefore, our campuses remain closed.

Our entire community’s health and well-being is our highest priority. When approved, we believe the following housing plan will assist the university with the official Path to the Bluff re-opening plan. LMU's housing plan will be subject to the latest updates and guidelines and will adjust accordingly.

Housing Occupancy Plan

LMU will remain closed and Student Housing will continue to be available for students who approved by LACDPH guidelines. Please refer to the Path To The Bluff webpage for more details regarding LMU's path to re-opening campus.

Next steps

While we are unable to currently open on campus housing, the Spring 2021 housing application will be open to students who believe they have additional circumstances that should be considered for on campus housing. Students can access this application via the student housing portal in MyLMU. Students who currently have an active application for Spring 2021 will remain in consideration for housing if circumstances change and housing guidelines are updated.

  • If students would like to cancel their application, please log into the Student Housing Portal (MyLMU->Student Housing Online Services->Housing Portal->Housing License Agreement Release Request.

Student Housing will continue to provide students with updates as LACDPH releases guidelines and approves plans for opening higher education in Los Angeles County. 

More Information About The Revised Plan:

All traditional halls will remain closed until conditions allow for occupancy. This includes Del Rey North, Del Rey South, Desmond, Doheny, Palm North, Rosecrans and Whelan halls

Spring 2021 residents will be assigned one student per room and charged the semester double rate for the building to which they are assigned. Rates are available here.

Move-in Dates

Spring housing assignments and information to select a move-in date and time will be emailed to all students with assignments. 

Students and their families should wait until they receive their move-in date information to make their travel plans to check into housing. 

All students are strongly encouraged to only have one individual assist them with the move-in process. No more than two individuals will be allowed to assist each student during move-in. Students will receive information on how to identify the individuals who will assist them on their move-in day.

Important Expectations

All students residing on the LMU Westchester campus in Spring 2021 will be required to participate in COVID surveillance testing twice per week for the entire semester. The cost of testing will be covered by the University. Students who fail to comply with this testing protocol will forfeit their housing and will not be refunded their housing charges. Details on the testing schedule will be available in January.

All campus residents must comply with the university's immunization requirements as well as become vaccinated for the seasonal flu.

Campus residents will be expected to "Protect the Pride" by following LMU's COVID-1/EIBC policies and guidelines.

All residents will also be expected to comply with Student Housing policies regarding guests, including no outside guests permitted on campus, and residents may not have guests in their buildings or housing assignments.

University policies may be revised/implemented during the academic year as pandemic conditions evolve.


If you have further questions, please contact Student Housing at or 310.338.2963.

FAQs: Spring 2021 Move-In

Please review the following for information regarding on-campus housing as it becomes available. This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available.


  • Fall 2021 Housing Details will be communicated as soon as that information becomes available. The Housing Application process for Fall 2021 has been updated. Please review the following webpage for more details. 

  • The L.A. County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) has provided additional guidance for reopening in the spring, which will only be permitted should the adjusted daily case rate for L.A. county fall below 10 cases per 100,000 for two consecutive weeks. LMU will assess available options for housing and communicate any updates for students when available. Please refer to the following webpage for more details on LMU's path to opening campus.

  • The University will consider a variety of factors, such as enrollment in classes being offered in-person, extenuating circumstances, etc., to determine which students receive a housing assignment for Spring 2021. More information concerning the application process will be shared as soon as possible.

  • Details regarding the Spring 2021 housing application process will be available soon. Student Housing will communicate those details to students promptly and update this website when that information becomes available. 

  • Students will have the opportunity to request an apartment/suitemate once it is confirmed they will be receiving an on-campus assignment for the Spring 2021 semester. 

  • Spring 2021 residents will be assigned one student per bedroom and charged the semester double rate for the building to which they are assigned. Rates are available here.  

  • All suite-style and apartment halls will be open for Spring 2021. This includes Hannon, Tenderich, McCarthy, Rains, O’Malley, Leavey 4, 5, 6 and Palm South. A residence hall will be closed and reserved for students who are required to isolate or quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test or close contact with someone who tests positive.

  • Students must cancel their application for housing by Nov. 15, 2020, in order to receive a refund of their housing deposit.   

  • When conditions allow for increased campus density, the university plans to return to previously planned occupancy levels and published room rates. Room rates for Summer 2021 will be determined prior to the beginning of the term and will be based on conditions and occupancy plans at that time. The Summer housing application process and details will be announced during the Spring 2021 term.


  • Students who are arriving from other countries will be required to quarantine on campus in their unit for a minimum of 14 days from when the student arrived in the country or from outside of the state of California. 





  • The 2020-21 academic year will require a shared focus on community responsibility for all students, faculty and staff. To ensure safety, all residents must adhere to University guidelines to ‘Protect the Pride’ as follows: 

    • All campus residents must comply with the university’s immunization requirements, as well as become vaccinated for the seasonal flu.
    • Students must wear face masks at all times when outside of their individual housing assignment (room/suite/apartment);
    • Students must practice physical distancing at all times;
    • Students must practice frequent and thorough handwashing;
    • Students must adhere to protocols and directives from the university regarding COVID-19 testing and contact tracing;
    • Students must adhere to protocols and directives from the university regarding self-isolation and self-quarantine;
    • Until further notice, outside guests will not be permitted to enter campus;

    Until further notice, residents may not host guests in their building or housing assignment (room/suite/apartment). Student Housing and university policies may be revised as pandemic conditions develop and as Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) protocols are revised. Further details regarding "Protect the Pride expectations can be found here. Residence Life has created a residential compact that applies to all students living on campus and can be viewed here.

  • Student Housing is not offering alternative off-campus housing options at this time, but is exploring options.

  • Students who wish to lease an apartment at Playa del Oro but who are not affiliated with the LMU at Playa del Oro program are encouraged to contact the leasing office directly to make arrangements.

  • Palm South will be available to house students in Spring 2021. Palm North will remain closed as it is a traditional residence hall.

  • LMU Dining Services will operate on campus this spring in a reduced capacity. Based on current local guidelines, carry-out dining will be the standard mode of service. LMU Dining Services will continue to communicate details concerning their plans for the Spring 2021 semester.

  • Students in suite-style housing will be required to purchase a meal plan. Students in apartment style housing will have the option to purchase a meal plan. Meal plan costs are available here.






  • Students can change their meal plan selection until Nov. 15 via their housing application in the student housing portal. Students will also have the opportunity to change their meal plan during week three of the Spring 2021 semester. No changes to the meal plan will be permitted after week three of the Spring 2021 semester.





  • Information and details regarding Spring 2021 housing will be communicated and this website will be updated as soon as it becomes available.





  • Please contact or call 310-338-2963. We will make every effort to contact you back as soon as possible in order to assist you effectively.