Move-In & Move-Out

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Fall Move-In Resources

Welcome to Loyola Marymount University. Visit the resources below for more information about Move-In.

Beginning early July, you can view your housing assignment online, via MyLMU, by clicking "Student Housing Online Services," then the "My Housing" tab, and then the "Fall" link.

Student Housing Resources

LMU Resources

  • Dining Services - For information on vendors, locations, and hours of operation.
  • Mail Services - For services the mailroom offers, how and when to send packages, and hours of operation.
  • One Card - Add value to your card, report lost or stolen card, and locate off-campus merchants.

Thanksgiving Break

Staying at LMU during the Thanksgiving Break? Stay tuned for Thanksgiving Programming, Things To Do, Athletic Events and Holiday Dining Hours.

Winter Break Closing

All residence halls are closed during Winter Break.  Students are required to leave for break 24 hours after their last final or by 7pm on the Friday of Finals Week, whichever comes first. 

If you are returning to LMU for Spring Semester, please feel free to leave your belongings in your room during the break. Please make sure to complete the following before leaving for break:

  • Remove all holiday decorations
  • Remove or secure all valuables
  • Take out the trash
  • Remove all perishable food, unplug and prop open the refrigerator door (residence halls only)
  • Turn off heater and unplug appliances
  • Close and lock the windows
  • Close the blinds
  • Turn off the lights and close the door

Detailed information regarding winter break move-out can be found in our Winter Break Closing brochure.

Learn more about Winter Break Housing.

Spring 2019 Move-In

Move-In Dates

  • January 12, 2019 1:30pm-8pm
  • January 13, 2019 10am-8pm

Check-In Locations

Please make sure to have your OneCard when you check in. Please see below for your check in locations based on your building:

  • Students living in Del Rey North, Del Rey South, Desmond, Rosecrans, Whelan, Doheny, Huesman, or Sullivan: CHECK IN AT the Northeast Area Office (Founder's Pavilion 108)
  • Students living in Leavey 4, Leavey 5, Leavey 6, O'Malley, McCarthy, Rains: CHECK IN AT the West Area Office (Leavey 6 209)
  • Students living in 8000/8001 Houses, Hannon, McKay, Tenderich: CHECK IN AT the South Area Office (Leavey Center, Suite J)

Not Returning for the Spring Semester

If you have requested to cancel your housing for spring, and the cancellation has been approved, you are required to complete the four steps below. Failure to complete any of the steps will result in a minimum improper move-out fee of $100 for each step not completed. Apartment residents may be eligible for a $300 refund if they move out December 14, 2018.

STEP 1: Begin to organize and pack your belongings. Decide when you will move-out. Residents must vacate their room within twenty-four (24) hours of completing their last final exam or by 7:00PM on Friday, December 14, 2018, whichever comes first.

STEP 2: Look around your space. Are you responsible for any damage(s)? If so, you must claim the damage(s) using the online “Damage Responsibility Form.” All residents responsible for damage must complete the form (some damage responsibility may be shared by multiple roommates). Any damage(s) not claimed will be split amongst all roommates.

STEP 3: You must clean and clear your space. DO NOT go to the Area Office until all belongings are removed and your space is clean. You won’t be able to swipe your OneCard/check-out until done.

STEP 4: All students must go to the Area Office to officially check-out, swipe their OneCard and sign the “Move-out Confirmation Form.” 

Summer Housing

If you are interested in applying for summer housing, learn more at Summer Housing.