Lori Harrison-Reyes

Headshot of Lorianne Harrison-Reyes and husband Alan

Lori Harrison-Reyes
Leavey 6 Apartments

Student Affairs Resource Coordinator, Dean of Students Office
Email: Lorianne.Harrison-Reyes@lmu.edu

Lorianne (aka Lori) has worked at LMU for over 22 years. Alan, her husband, joined her when they were married in 2005 in LMU's Sacred Heart Chapel officiated by Eddie Siebert, S.J. (RM of Leavey Five). Reyes hales from Rhode Island and her husband is from Long Beach. She works full-time in the Dean of Students office as a case manager within the Community of Care. Reyes' specialties are guided meditations (join her for Monday night meditations), mindfulness activities, facilitator of the chronic illness group and aromatherapy.