Sustainable Living Experience (SLE)

Logo for Sustainable Living Experience

SLE is a multifaceted learning community, open to approximately 20 sophomore and upper-classmen students who live together in a designated residence hall, (Tenderich Apartments) participate in coordinated curricular activities through the EDLA ILI 491 Course, and engage in out-of-class experiences together. Together, these experiences are designed to encourage agency, reflection, community, and culture (Brown, 1997, citing Bruner, 1996).

Successful participation in SLE requires active engagement in living and learning with others involved in the program. As such, SLE members will be required to live on the designated floor in Tenderich Apartments and attend the “GreenRoots” activities before the start of the Fall semester. All SLE members will enroll in and complete the 1 unit EDLA 491 course in the fall semester.


The Sustainable Living Experience promotes the integration of sustainable living practices, healthy environments, social/environmental justice and economic viability. The Sustainable Living Experience broadens residents understanding of sustainability and with that, how to contribute, get involved, take action, improve daily habits and influence others.


Empowering ourselves, our communities, and our world towards a more sustainable future.


  • Enroll as a full time student (12 units or more) at Loyola Marymount University
  • Enroll and maintain satisfactory academic progress in SLE designated section of EDLA 491 in the fall semester
  • Live in the SLE designated residence hall/apartments with the other SLE participants
  • Attend the SLE GreenRoots program that begins in the first few days before the start of Fall semester
  • Actively participate in programs in the apartments and HTH community that allow for the synthesis of living and learning
  • Actively participate in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science and CURes events which occur throughout the year and record them in my “Passport”
  • Be trained and serve as an Eco-ambassador for the University through Student Housing and Green LMU’s Partnership with Global Green, USA.
  • In the spring semester, participate and attend bi-monthly SLE member meetings.


To access the application to apply to SLE for the coming Academic year, please log in to your portal on LEO. Select "Housing" from “My Memberships” on the top right to access. Select the "Forms" tab and the application is titled, “2018-2019 Sustainable Living Experience (SLE) Living Learning Community Application”.

For further information, please contact:

Sara Espinoza, Program Coordinator and Resident Director-Hannon/Tenderich/8000 & 8001 Houses
(310) 338-5274