Understanding the Housing Guarantee

Please note: Housing Selection details have not been confirmed for Fall 2021. This page will be updated with the latest information when available.

Continuing students participating in the ‘Housing Selection Process’ are guaranteed housing based on the following:

  • Any student in their first year at LMU is guaranteed housing for their second year, if they participate in the ‘Housing Selection Process’ and adhere to all deadlines. This includes Transfer students in their first year at LMU.
  • Any student who lived on campus during the 2019-2020 academic year during the Fall and/or Spring semester and is continuing as an undergrad for the 2020-2021 academic year is guaranteed housing at LMU, provided they participate in the ‘Housing Selection Process’ and adhere to all deadlines. 

Complete Your Application Materials

All students participating in the Housing Selection Process need to complete all steps of the application before the published deadline. A complete application consists of the 3 required application materials, which are completing the online application, electronically acknowledging the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, and paying the $400 non-refundable Housing Deposit to Student Accounts.

  • Online Application: If you have applied for housing before, you'll find that the application is pre-loaded with the information you already have on file. Before you begin, make sure you are ready to fill out your roommate group information, which includes your roommates' pairing numbers. Each member of your roommate group must complete their own individual application. Once the first group member forms the group on their application, they will become the group leader and will need to add the other members to the group. The group leader must also finalize the group by pressing the "verify" button in the application. Before the application deadline, the three required application materials must be complete as well as a group formed. Students create a group of one, two and four.
  • License Agreement: The License Agreement is a legally binding document that covers the terms and conditions of living in Student Housing at LMU. It is binding for the entire academic year. You will need to read through the document found in the online application and electronically acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions. An email will be sent to your LION email address confirming that you have completed this step and includes a link to a copy of the License Agreement. We encourage you to save a copy of the License Agreement for future reference.
  • $400 Non-Refundable Housing Deposit. You must pay a non-refundable $400 Housing Deposit in order for your application to be considered complete. This non-refundable Housing Deposit is applied to your fall housing charges, but is forfeited should you cancel your housing for any reason. Please note that Student Accounts may take a couple of days to process the payment before we can consider this step of the application complete, so we recommend you submit payment for this deposit as early as possible.

    The preferred and quickest method of paying the housing deposit is online at the Student Account Center. If paying online, please log in to MyLMU and click on “Accounts & Tech” on the top right to access the option titled “Student Account Center” from the drop down menu. Select the tab at the top of the screen titled "deposits." From the drop down menu, select the "Fall 2020" term and finally the payment option titled "Fall 2020 Housing Deposit." Please note that this system only accepts personal checking and savings account information

You can log in to Student Housing Online Services to check that we have received your application materials. Please use return to your housing application to check your status. Students with incomplete application materials will be removed from their group if the deadline passes and will not receive housing through the Housing Selection Process.

Pay Your Housing Deposit

All students must pay the $400 Housing Deposit in order to complete the application process. This non-refundable Housing Deposit is credited toward your housing charges and must be paid before the application deadline. We recommend that you pay by February 25th at the latest since it may take up to two business days to receive record of your payment. In order to avoid delays in the processing of your housing deposit, please make your payment online at the Student Account Center found in MyLMU. If you must pay by check at the Student Accounts Office (Charles Von der Ahe Building, 2nd Floor), be sure to include your ID number and indicate that payment is for the Housing Deposit. Everyone in your group must pay this deposit before you can receive a timeslot.

If a student cancels after they have been assigned, they will forfeit the $400 Housing Deposit. Furthermore, any student who receives an appointment time and fails to complete the housing selection process or cancels their housing for any reason will forfeit the $400 Deposit. For more information about canceling a housing assignment, please see our "Canceling Housing" webpage.

Note: In order for your deposit to be accepted, your student account must be current. If you are behind on your payments, be sure to work with the Student Accounts office to bring your account current and pay the Housing Deposit well in advance.


Classifications (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson)

Each student has been assigned an LMU classification (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson). This classification determines two things:

  • Which students can be added to your Roommate Group
  • Which rooms/buildings you can select from at your Selection Timeslot

Generally, Rising Sophomores are classified as LMU Blue and Rising Juniors and Seniors are classified as LMU Crimson. These classifications do not share the same spaces to choose from so the timing of choosing your rooms (LMU Blue room selection dates vs. LMU Crimson selection dates) do not conflict.


Choose Your Roommate Group 

All students going through the Housing Selection Process are required to be part of a roommate group. A roommate group may consist of one, two or four students of the same sex who all share the same classification (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson). You are only able to form groups with students of the same classification. Share your Roommate Pairing Number with the designated group leader since they will need to enter these numbers into the online application to create the group. You may enter the process alone, but you will have limited options when choosing a room during Room Selection. We encourage you to find at least one roommate.

If you are a transfer student, you are able to create a group with students of any classification. Since you are guaranteed housing, the roommate group you are part of will also be guaranteed housing at LMU. Please see the link titled “Transfer Student Groups” for more information about how to create a group. 

If you are interested in All Gender Housing, please contact the Director of LGBTSS, Lalo Moreno (Lalo.Moreno@lmu.edu) and/or the Assignment Supervisor (Grace.Paz@lmu.edu). 

Creating a Roommate Group

In order to form a group, each person must have started their online application. One person from the group should be identified as the group leader and will create the group in their application. The group leader will add students to the group by entering their name and Roommate Pairing Number into the online application. The Roommate Pairing Number can be found on the step of the online application titled "Personal Information" or on the upper right hand corner of Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. Using this number rather than other personal identifiers, like your student ID number, helps safeguard your privacy. Avoid sharing your Roommate Pairing Number with anyone other than your chosen roommate(s) since anyone with your Roommate Pairing Number will be able to add you to their group. Once a group is established, the group leader must finalize the group in the online application by pressing the "verify" button. The roommate group will be permanently established in the application system once the leader "verifies" the group. The other members who log in after the creation of the group will find that they are already in the roommate group created by the group leader and must then complete the remaining steps of the online application. If for any reason you would like to request a change to an established group, you may remove yourself from a group through the online application. No changes can be made to roommate groups past the application deadline.

If you would not like to participate in the Selection Process with roommates, you may create a group of one. In order to do so, you must designate yourself as the group leader and verify your group.

Try to Form a Group of Four

Most of the housing for continuing students at LMU is designed for four students. Suites allow two students to share a room with each other and an adjoining bathroom. Apartments offer the same, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a shared common area. We highly encourage all applicants to form a group of four roommates before entering the Housing Selection Process. In fact, your group size significantly improves the chance your group will receive an earlier timeslot. A group of four people will have four chances to receive an early timeslot, instead of two chances with two people, and one chance for a person who enters alone. Therefore, a larger group of students may be able to choose a room earlier than groups of one.

Be Honest With Your Prospective Roommates

When deciding on roommates, be honest with one another about whether you share some common preferences and living habits. Doing this will lead to more successful roommate relationships. Your roommates do not have to be your best friends and good friends do not always make good roommates. You may want to take the opportunity to live with someone who may help you expand your horizons or learn about another culture. Once you have someone in mind, your RA can help you obtain a copy of a roommate agreement, which you can fill out early and revisit when you move in together in the fall.

Group Leader

The first group member to create the roommate group in the online application becomes the group leader. The group leader is responsible for adding the other members to the group. To add the other members to the group, the group leader will need to enter the Roommate Pairing Numbers of all the group members into their application and then finalize the group by pressing the "verify" button. If a group member logs in to their application, they will see that they are part of a group. Also, the group leader is the only person who can choose a room for the entire roommate group during Room Selection.

Tips for Creating a Group

If you are having trouble creating a group, please review the following items to create a group properly:

  • Ensure that you are correctly inputting the Roommate Pairing Number.
  • You should not include an extra space at the end.
  • Ensure that all students have at least started the online application.
  • Ensure that all students in the group have the same sex and are the same classification (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson). If you are interested in All Gender Housing, please contact the Director of LGBTSS, Lalo Moreno (Lalo.Moreno@lmu.edu) and/or the Housing Assignments Supervisor, Grace Paz (grace.paz@lmu.edu).
  • All students in a group should either have a classification of LMU Blue or LMU Crimson.
  • Ensure that the person you are adding is not yet in a group.
  • If a student is in another group, that student will need to remove themselves from the group they are in and/or delete the group so that a group leader can add them to the desired roommate group.
  • If you are a transfer student in your first year at LMU, you are able to create a group with students of any classification. Since you are guaranteed housing, the roommate group you are part of will be guaranteed on-campus housing. Please see the link titled “Transfer Student Groups” for more information about how to create a group.

Find a Roommate Online 

Are you looking to find a person to complete your group of 4? There is a new resource the Student Housing Office has created to help you find compatible roommates.

Through RoomSync, which is available through Facebook or the app store, students are able to find roommates of the same classification. Please use the links below to access the app.

Important: After you have found a roommate or roommates, you must go back into the housing application to request and confirm your group.

Scenario: LMU Crimson students and LMU Blue Students Who Want to Live Together

LMU Crimson students and LMU Blue students who wish to live together must each go through the Housing Selection process with their respective classifications and during the different time frames. After all parties have had the chance to select their rooms, the students can try to use the online room swap tool to arrange for a switch. Please note that this scenario is highly unlikely as they pick from different styles of housing and have different timelines.

Rising sophomores who are looking to live with juniors or seniors just to increase their chances of living in apartments are likely to be disappointed. For every mixed group that ends up in an apartment, there must be another mixed group assigned to the suites or other sophomore options. This option is not always available; it is strictly based on space availability.

Student Housing Takeover

The Student Housing Office will host the Men's Basketball Game on Thursday, February 13, 2020. We will also host Open House and Building Tours on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

During the Open House, you will be able to take a tour of the buildings available to choose from during the Room Selection portion of the Housing Selection Process. RAs will give tours around the buildings and inside various rooms so that you can get a feel for the community. We highly encourage you to visit all buildings you are eligible to select from. All suites and apartment buildings will be available to tour on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Tours will begin at O'Malley Lawn for McCarthy, Rains, Leavey 4, Leavey 5, Leavey 6, and O'Malley, and the Hannon Basketball Court will have tours for McKay, Hannon, and Tenderich.

Students with Special Housing Needs

If you require any special housing accommodations because of a disability or a chronic physical condition, contact the office of Disability Support Services (DSS) at (310) 338-4216. DSS determines which requests will be accommodated through an independent evaluation process and communicates this information to the Student Housing Office. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, the Student Housing Office cannot guarantee that students who are approved for a housing accommodation by DSS will actually receive a housing assignment that meets that accommodation. The Student Housing office makes every effort possible to provide for the housing accommodation. Continuing students should submit their documentation to DSS by Friday, January 24, 2020 for consideration. If you are interested in All Gender Housing, please contact the Director of LGBTSS, Lalo Moreno (Lalo.Moreno@lmu.edu) and/or the Housing Assignments Supervisor, Grace Paz (grace.paz@lmu.edu).

Study Abroad Students

If you are Studying Abroad during the Spring

If you are studying abroad during spring semester and want to live on campus for the next academic year, you should participate in the Housing Selection Process. Since the process is online, you should be able to complete all the required steps while away from LMU.

If you are unsure whether you will be Studying Abroad next Fall

If you would like to live on campus in the event that your study abroad plans fall through, you should participate in the Housing Selection Process. Do not avoid going through the process for fear of losing the $400 Housing Deposit. The Student Housing Office acknowledges and supports the value of the study abroad experience and therefore does not process a deposit forfeiture for students who are confirmed to be on an LMU or affiliated study abroad program and cancel their housing assignment by completing the "Housing License Agreement Release Request Form" found in Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. In that event, your $400 Housing Deposit will be credited to your student account. If you plan to re-apply for housing for the spring semester, you will need to complete the online application found in Student Housing Online Services in MyLMU. When re-applying, you will need to resubmit all of your application materials including the online application, electronic acknowledgement of the license agreement, and a new $400 Housing Deposit to the Student Accounts Office.

If you have been admitted to the Study Abroad Program

If you are certain that you will be abroad in the fall and will not need housing until spring, you do not need to participate in the Housing Selection Process. If you are interested in living on-campus for the spring semester when you return, you can apply for spring housing through Student Housing Online Services in October. Spring housing is not guaranteed, but in previous years the Student Housing Office has been able to accommodate all interested returning Study Abroad students. We will contact you in November via an email to your LION email account so that you may fill out your online housing application, electronically acknowledge your license agreement and pay the Housing Deposit while you are abroad. We will then assign you to spring housing based on availability and the date that you submit the completed application materials.

Transfer Student Information 

Transfer students who are completing their first academic year at LMU will be guaranteed housing for their 2nd year on campus. To receive housing, they must participate in the continuing student ‘Housing Selection Process’.

Students who form a roommate group with a continuing transfer student will also be guaranteed housing. This means that if a roommate group consists of students previously who are not guaranteed housing and a continuing transfer student, all students in that group will be guaranteed housing for the next academic year. 

Create a Roommate Group

Students who would like to create a roommate group consisting of a continuing transfer student must complete the "Transfer Group" form. Please be sure to include all students’ names and roommate pairing numbers on the form. Also designate the group leader on the form. The form must be signed by all students in the roommate group.

Select a Room Online

Each student will receive an appointment time. The earliest appointment time from your group becomes the entire roommate group’s appointment time. This means, the larger your group, the better chance you have of receiving an appointment time. During the group’s scheduled appointment time, the group leader will view all available room options and make an online room selection on behalf of their group. Groups consisting of continuing transfer students are eligible to choose from various room options based on the class level of the group’s majority.

If the majority of the roommate group are rising sophomores, rooms will be available in the following buildings:

  • Palm South apartments
  • McKay Suites
  • McCarthy suites
  • Rains suites
  • Hannon apartments
  • Tenderich apartments

If the majority of the roommate group are rising juniors or seniors, rooms will be available in the following buildings:

  • O'Malley apartments
  • Leavey 4, 5 and 6 apartments
  • Palm South apartments