Room Selection

Choose Your Building and Room

Your appointment time indicates the earliest time that the group leader will be able to log back in to the online application to view floor plans and select from available rooms. The group leader is able to select a room beginning at the appointment time and up until the end of Room Selection. Room Selection runs from Monday, March 19th to Friday, March 23rd. The process is online and the group leader can go through it whenever is most convenient. Should you require assistance, you can stop by the Student Housing Office located on the first floor of Leavey 6.

We encourage group members to either make the room choice together or discuss their plans beforehand. Once a selection is made it cannot be changed until after the process ends, depending on space availability. Assignment changes are allowed beginning April 3rd. You will need to fill out the "Change of Assignment Request Form" found in Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. Assignment changes are not guaranteed, but will be processed if possible.

Room rates for the next academic year may not be set until March. Current room rates‎ are available online and may increase as much as 5%. Please refer to this year’s housing rate sheet for an estimate of next year’s room rates. In addition, some rooms have a cost which differs from those on the published rate sheet.

Note: DO NOT miss class to choose your room. Remember, group leaders can make the selection after the appointment time. 

How to Choose a Building and Room

In the online application, the Rooms Wizard will allow the group leader to select a room for themselves and their roommates on/after their appointment time.

The group leader will be able to see all buildings available to choose based on their status, guaranteed or non-guaranteed. After choosing a building, the group leader will be able to choose a floor within the building, the room, and finally assign themselves and their roommates to the specific spaces in the rooms. Once the "Reserve Beds" button is clicked, a housing assignment will be finalized for the next academic year and no changes can be made.

After choosing a floor in a desired building, if there are any rooms available that can accommodate the group, a list of rooms and a floor chart will appear. The group leader will be able to see if other students are assigned to a room. If a student has already chosen a space within a room, the student may appear twice. Please do not worry about this as after Room Selection ends on March 23, 2018, the Student Housing Office will complete a clean up process to remove the duplicates.

Gender is decided by the first group to choose a bed space within the apartment/suite. The group leader can only choose rooms with genders that are appropriate for the gender of the group.

If a room is available to choose, the room will be listed online. Beside the room number and gender, numbers will be listed to indicate how many bed spaces remain to be assigned in the room. For example, 2/2 means that there are 2 beds in a 2 bed room that can be assigned. As another example, 1/2 means that there is 1 bed in a 2 bed room that can be assigned.

The group leader will need to select enough room to accommodate the number of students in the group. You should only choose rooms within the same apartment/suite; you cannot assign your group members to rooms in more than one apartment/suite.

Once rooms are chosen, the group leader will assign themselves and their roommates to specific spaces within the room(s). Each student must be assigned to a particular space. Two students cannot be assigned to the same space; one space cannot be assigned to two students.

The group leader will have approximately 10 minutes to decide whether or not to assign the roommates to the room(s) within an apartment/suite. When 10 minutes lapse, the page will refresh and the group leader must start over.

Once all roommates are assigned to a space in an apartment/suite, the group leader will need to click on the "Reserve Beds" button. Once this button is clicked, no changes can be made.

A few special rooms exist that differ from our standard double occupancy rooms. If available during the appointment time, the group leader can select these rooms. For more information about these rooms, please see "Singles and Other Special Rooms" section below.

The Student Housing Office will be reviewing the Room Selection portion of the Housing Selection Process. Not following the provided instructions could result in the loss of the desired housing assignment.

Your Living Options

Buildings for Guaranteed Students (Sophomores)

Hannon Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
McCarthy Hall * Suites, private doubles and designed singles
McKay Hall * Suites and traditional suites
Rains Hall * Suites, private doubles, designed singles, small private doubles, and 6 person suites             
Tenderich Apartments 24-hour quiet building, smoke free and two-bedroom apartment, one-bathroom apartments
Leavey 4 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
Leavey 6 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments

* Residence Halls require the purchase of a Meal Plan. Some single rooms in Del Rey North and Del Rey South will also be available.

Buildings for Non-Guaranteed Students (Juniors and Seniors)

Leavey 4 Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
Leavey 5 Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
O'Malley Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom and three-bedroom, one-extra large bathroom apartments

* Some single rooms in Rains and McCarthy will also be available .

NOTE: All building options are subject to change.

Singles and Other Special Rooms

Special rooms are designed differently than the majority of rooms in a given building. Review the list below and notice that some of these options have different room rates.

  • Single Traditional: Private room with the bathroom located down the hall. Available in Del Rey North, Del Rey South, and Huesman for an additional cost.
  • Single Suite: Private room sharing a bathroom with another private room. Available in McCarthy and Rains for an additional cost.
  • McKay Traditional Room: Two students share a room and use a common area bathroom. Available in McKay for a reduced rate.
  • Private Double: Two students in a room with a private bathroom. Available in McCarthy and Rains for an additional cost.
  • Small Private Double: Two students in a slightly smaller room with a private bathroom. Available in Rains with no additional costs involved.
  • Triple Room: Three students share a larger room with the bathroom located down the hall. Available in Del Rey North, Del Rey South, Huesman, and Sullivan at no additional costs involved.
  • Three Bedroom Suite: Six students share a common area with two students living in each bedroom. Available in Rains with no additional costs involved.
  • Three Bedroom Apartment: Six students share a common living room, dining room, and kitchen with two students living in each bedroom. Available in O'Malley with no additional costs involved. 

Three-Bedroom Apartments/Suites

A few three bedroom apartments/suites will be available to choose during the Housing Selection Process. In order to be placed in a three bedroom apartment/suite during the Housing Selection Process:

  • Students create groups with their guarantee status during the application process.
  • Groups must be formed to create a total of six people; one group of 4 and one group of 2, three groups of 2...etc.
  • Schedule an appointment to come to the Student Housing Office during the earliest of the group appointment times.
  • At the Student Housing Office, you will be able to choose all available 3 bedroom apartments/suites available.
  • If no 3 bedroom apartment/suites are available, each group will need to choose a room online at their scheduled appointment time.

Housing Rates

All Housing Rates include internet access, cable television, utilities, live-in staff support, 24-hour on-call maintenance and emergency response and more! All rates are for the 2017-2018 academic year. Rates for all buildings are subject to change and are increased annually.

Once you have made your commitment deposit please allow 1-2 business days before you are able to apply for housing. For complete housing rates, visit Living in Lion Nation. 

Consider a Theme Housing Option

Consider applying to be a member of a theme housing community for the chance to pursue your education in a social living environment suited to your passions. These programs require that you submit a separate application, so refer to the contact information listed below. Since you can only have one room assignment, you become ineligible to participate in the Housing Selection Process once you commit to a theme housing program.

Please note that if you are interested in a theme community, you will need to complete their application as well as the three application materials during the application portion of the Housing Selection Process.

Learn more about the Theme Housing Programs.

Winter Break Housing

For more information, please visit Winter Break Housing.