Reserve a Ride

Riders must have a reservation to ride the Lion Express at least one hour before your requested time of departure. You are encouraged to reserve your seat leaving Loyola Marymount University and pick-up time to return to campus at the same time. If you do not reserve your return trip before you leave, we cannot guarantee that there will be space on the way back.

*NOTE: All Lion Express operations have been suspended for Fall 2020.

Hours of Operations

Monday-Thursday 4:00PM-10:00PM
Friday Noon-10:00PM
Saturday Noon-10:00PM
Sunday Noon-8:00PM

How to Reserve a Ride

Reservations can only be made by calling the Lion Express office. Follow these easy steps to reserve a ride:

  1. Call (310) 338-4560 to reserve your spot on the Lion Express! Most vans hold a total of 7 passengers.
    • You may only make reservations on the day that you wish to ride.
    • We will begin taking reservations 30 minutes before our first trip of the day (3:30PM Monday-Thursday, 11:30AM Friday-Sunday).
    • You must make a reservation at least one hour before you plan to ride the Lion Express, except for the first ride of the day.
    • Tell us your name, how many people are in your group, and your destination.
    • Tell us what time you would like to leave, and when you would like to return. If there is no space on your desired shuttle time, we will try to suggest another time for you.
  2. Board the Shuttle
    • We pick up in front of Jamba Juice and leave every hour on the hour.
    • See the complete Lion Express Schedule for when we leave and when you should expect to be at your destination.
    • If you are not on time, and we leave without you, we cannot guarantee you space on another trip.
    • You and all members of your party must be Loyola Marymount University students and must show your One Cards to the Lion Express driver in order to board.
  3. Arrive at your Destination
    • We only drop students off at .
    • We cannot drop you off at any other location.
  4. Return to Campus
    • You should be waiting at the designated location at the designated time. Check the Lion Express Schedule to see when you should expect the Lion Express to pick you up from your stop.
    • We cannot pick you up from another location.
    • Due to traffic, the Lion Express may be a few minutes late to a stop, but will never leave earlier than the scheduled departure time from each location.
    • If you are not on time, and we leave without you, we cannot guarantee you space on another trip.

Lion Express Policies

Passenger Eligibility

  • All currently enrolled students who are in good standing with the University Judicial Office are eligible to participate in the Lion Express shuttle service.
  • Student must bring OneCard to ride.
  • University Guests, including family/friends of students may not ride.
  • University faculty/staff may not ride.
  • The Lion Express also supports wheelchair accessibility to those that need it. Please call 2 days in advance to reserve our wheelchair accessible van to the stop of your choice.

Passenger Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the passenger to make a reservation for both leaving and returning to campus. If a passenger does not reserve a spot returning to campus before they leave, there is no guarantee that a space will be available for a return trip. Our phone lines open 30 minutes before the start of each operating day to book reservations.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to wait at the correct stop and to be on time. If a passenger is not in the designated location at the designated time, the passenger will forfeit their space on that trip, and there is no guarantee that space will be available on another return trip. Please check the to see when you should expect to be picked up or dropped off at your desired location.

Passenger Requests

Passengers may not request to be dropped off or picked up at any location other than the designated Lion Express stops. Passengers who desire to go to other locations must walk to and from designated spots, or find an alternate means of transportation.

Passenger Behavior

The Lion Express is considered part of the LMU campus, no matter where it is traveling. Violation of University policy while on the shuttle is subject to Judicial Review. This includes but is not limited to violating shuttle service rules, failing to comply with a request of the shuttle driver, inappropriate behavior that may distract the driver or passengers, and any actions that may jeopardize the safe operation of the service. In addition, individuals who are placed on University probation may be suspended from the service as deemed appropriate by the Judicial Officer.