Virtual Activities

Laptop screen featuring a chalkboard with Never Stop Learning

Looking for more ways to engage? Try our self-guided activities.

Student engagement opportunities and student life activities are essential parts of your experience as an LMU student. As we look for more ways to connect during this time, we also want to connect each of our Lions with virtual activities to stay busy and engaged.

Practice Ignatian Values

Make decisions congruent with their personal beliefs, values, and faith through continuous reflection and discernment.

Integrate Mind, Body & Spirit

Demonstrate transformative growth and develop as whole persons through the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Commit to Service & Justice

Be socially responsible citizens committed to building a more just world.‌

Become a Global Citizen

Value the diversity of the human experience and commit to the practice of interculturalism to make meaningful contributions as citizens of the global community.

Live a Life of Purpose

‌Lead a life where their greatest passion meets the world's greatest needs.