Register for Swim Lessons

Those wishing to register for swim lessons must do so through ActiveNet or in person in the membership office. Follow these step-by-step instructions to register for swim lessons through Campus Recreation at Loyola Marymount University.

Note: a processing fee will be applied to all online registration and is non-refundable. Lessons cannot be scheduled over the phone.

  1. Create an ActiveNet Account.
  2. Visit ActiveNet and sign in with your username and password.
  3. Click on "Activities" tab, then select "Swim Lesson" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select or search for the swim lesson for which you would like to register. Enter "Private" into the search toolbar if you wish to register for private swim lessons.
  5. Select "Add to my Cart." (Note: You must select instructor, date and time upon registration).
  6. If you are register your child for swim lessons, select "Add Family Member." You must register your child for their lessons under their own individual account.
  7. Enter your child's information. Make sure to change "Role in Family" to "Child/Dependent."
  8. After your child's account has been submitted, select your child's name from the dropdown menu.
  9. Choose an instructor, and move their name from the “Available” box to the “Selected” box. Choose the date range you wish to hold your lessons (Note: You many not start lessons any sooner than four days from the day you purchase your lessons.) Select the days and time range you are available for lessons, then select search.
  10. The availability of the instructor you selected will show up (red “X” means not available). Select the days/times you wish to hold your lessons. If you selected multiple instructors in Step 9, you may only register for lessons from one instructor. Select four lesson days and times, then press "Add to List."
  11. The lessons you selected will be confirmed. If correct, click "Continue."
  12. The price of your swim lessons will show up. Continue by adding your payment information. If you are a Burns Recreation member with an individual membership, call the Membership Office at (310) 338-1720 to retrieve a coupon code necessary to receive the Burns Rec Member discount. BRC members without the coupon code will receive the discount without the coupon code. Coupon codes must be retrieved before swim lessons are purchased. Once completed, your lessons will be booked.
  13. For Burns Recreation Members with individual memberships, please contact the Membership office at (310) 338-1720 for a coupon code to receive the Burns Rec Member Discount. All Burns Rec Members with family memberships will receive the discount without the coupon code. Coupon codes must be retrieved before lessons are purchased.