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LIVE Virtual Zoom Group Fitness Classes

Do you miss taking classes? Do you want to take a fitness class with a  friend? Are you ready to start burning more calories and building more muscle? Then check out your LIVE Virtual Zoom Group Fitness Schedule below. All classes will be held in PDT. If you are not able to participate live you can take one of our fitness classes online.

All classes require LMU login credentials. If you are placed in a waiting room then you are logged in using a different account other than your LMU account. All classes will be locked within 5 minutes of class beginning so plan to arrive a few minutes early. If you have any questions, contact Michelle Kiser (

 Group Fitness Classes are for the LMU community ONLY. 

Use the Zoom links provided for each class.

All levels are welcome to join. Modifications will be given throughout the class. 

LIVE Virtual Zoom Group Fitness Classes will begin Monday, January 11th

See you in LIVE Virtual Group Fitness Class lions!


12:00-12:30 pm Ab Lab (Jackson)

Click Here 

5:00-5:45 pm Zumba (Mayuri)

Click Here

6:00-7:00 pm Pilates (Felicia) ***STARTS JANUARY 25TH

Click Here



12:00-12:30 pm Ab Lab (Michelle)

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6:00-6:45 pm Boot Camp (Jackson)

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12:00-12:30 pm Ab Lab (Jackson)

Click Here 

6:00-7:00 pm Pilates (Felicia)

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5:00-5:45 pm Boot Camp (Michelle)

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6:00-7:00 pm Yoga Flow (Regiane)

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Ab Lab: In this 30-minute class, you will strengthen your core strength, balance, and posture with intense abdominal and low back exercises.

Boot Camp: This 50-minute total body toning class will include a combination of plyometrics, sport-specific training drills, and functional strength exercises to maximize results.

Pilates: Grab your mat and get ready to strengthen and lengthen your body. Each class focuses on using breath and control to challenge all your muscles including your core.

Yoga Flow: A dynamic, physically, and spiritually energizing form of yoga that sculpts and stretches every muscle in the body. Linking one movement into the next in a mindful manner.

Zumba: A dance fitness class that is fun, energetic, and leaves your body feeling amazing. Fuses Latin, international and popular music to create a dynamic and effective workout.


Classes will be canceled on the following dates:

Monday, January 18th

Monday, March 1st-March 4th

Monday, March 29th-April 1st


The last day of classes is April 29th.



Lion Wellness

Access resources related available online and support services from LMU to keep focusing on your mental health and well-being. Things like LMU CARES Online and TAO will all help support you and provide ways for you to be well. Remember Lions, You've Got This! Visit Lion Wellness.

Virtual Esports

Anyone can join! Come be a part of one of the fastest growing clubs at LMU! Whether you are a competitive gamer or just a casual player, the Esports Club is a great way to get involved on campus and attend several fun events. For more information please join our Facebook group or Discord.

Competitive Sports

Club Sports

Club Sports are recognized student organizations (RSOs) formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a favorite sport activity. Open to all students, regardless of skill level, they exist to promote and develop interest in those sports. Its members learn new skills, refine existing ones, engage in competition against other colleges/universities, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of sports.

For a list of all twelve (12) competitive sport clubs within the Club Sports Program and contact information for each team in order to get connected and involved, visit the Club Sport Teams page or Club Sports Portal on LEO. For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and how to contact the Club Sports Staff, visit the About Club Sports page.

Intramural Sports

Break away from your studies (or work) and have some fun competing against fellow Lions in Intramural Sports. You can join a team or form your own and make new friends along the way. Open to all students, faculty and staff, Intramural Sports are a great way to get involved in recreational sports at Loyola Marymount University and cultivate one’s individual and team sportsmanship.

For a list of the upcoming virtual programming offerings for Fall 2020 and more information about the Program, visit the Intramural Sports Portal on LEO. You can also visit the Intramural Sports website, which includes contact information, FAQs and instructions on how to join.







NFL Bracket Challenge

Dec. 7 – Jan. 9

Challenge: Jan. 9-Feb. 7


Jan. 9

Among Us Night (Weekly)

Feb. 1 – Feb. 8

Weekly (Tues. @6pm / Fri. @3pm): Feb. 9 - Apr. 23


Feb. 9

GOAT Bracket Challenge

Feb. 1 – Feb. 12

Challenge: Feb. 15 - Mar. 10


Feb. 15

Sports Trivia Night

Feb. 8 – Feb. 18

Event: Feb. 18 | 6:00pm | Zoom


Feb. 18

Game Night

Feb. 12 – Feb. 19

Event: Feb. 19 | 3:00pm | Zoom


Feb. 19

March Madness Bracket

Mar. 8 - Mar. 18

Challenge: Mar. 18 - Apr. 15


Mar. 18

Game Night

Mar. 12 - Mar. 19

Event: Mar. 19 | 3:00pm | Zoom


Mar. 19

Sports Trivia Night

Mar. 15 - Mar. 24

Event: Mar. 24 | 6:00pm | Zoom


Mar. 24

Music Bracket Challenge

Mar. 22 - Apr. 5 Challenge: Apr. 5 - Apr. 21 FREE Apr. 7

Sports Trivia Night

Apr. 5 - Apr. 15 Event: Apr. 15 | 6:00pm | Zoom FREE Apr. 15

Game Night

Apr. 5 - Apr. 16 Event: Apr. 16 | 3:00pm | Zoom FREE Apr. 16

Athletic Training

Campus Rec Athletic Trainer available for injury consultations, rehab protocols, injury prevention exercises, general health and wellbeing questions and more. Book your zoom/virtual appointment through Microsoft Booking.

Office hours:

Wednesday: 3-5 p.m.

Thursday: 3-5 p.m.

Outdoor Recreation Activities 

Hiking Trails

Running Trails


100 Outdoor Recreational Activities

Strava Fitness App

Join our club on Strava, a free app and website for tracking exercise and social networking. Strava lets you track your running and riding with GPS, join LMU challenges and events, share photos from your activities, and follow friends. You can pair it with a smart tracking device or track with your phone. Commonly tracked activities include running, walking, biking, hiking, skiing and swimming.