Make a Referral

lmu community of care make a referral

If you have an urgent concern about a student’s safety, stay with the student and notify one of the following:

If it is not an emergency, the Community of Care Team may assist you in several ways if you would like to report/refer a student of concern:

Online Report or Referral


  1. Go to MyLMU.
  2. Click on the “System Logins” drop down menu
  3. Click on the “Student Affairs Dean’s Office Care Report” link
  4. Fill out and submit the online referral form


To refer a student currently enrolled in your class, go to the photo roster in PROWL and click on the “Community of Care Referral” link.


Call the Community of Care team at (310) 338-3756 or send an e-mail to the Dean of Students.

Making a Report or Referral

Explain to the student the limitations of your knowledge and experience. Be clear that your referral to someone else does not mean that you think there is something wrong with the student or that you are not interested. Most of the time, a student will appreciate your honesty and genuine approach. Explain that the referral source has the resources to assist the student in a more appropriate manner.

  • Be prepared to provide your name, phone number, and specific information regarding the situation.
  • You are welcome to walk the student to the Community of Care office or Student Psychological Services (SPS) if you are concerned the student won’t follow up.
  • Try to normalize the need to ask for help as much as possible.
  • Realize and be prepared that your offer of help may be rejected. People in varying levels of distress sometimes deny their problems because it is difficult to admit they need help or they think things will get better on their own.
  • Take time to listen to the student’s fears and concerns about seeking help. Let the student know that it is because of your concern for him/her that you are referring him/her to an expert.
  • End the conversation in a way that will allow you, or the student, to come back to the subject at another time. Keep the lines of communication open. Invite the student back to follow up.