Student Health Insurance & Billing

lmu shs insurance billing

Charges for Services

There is no charge for the healthcare providers' professional services. However, students may incur charges for medications, lab work, x-rays, immunizations, and necessary medical supplies. Charges are posted to the student account maintained in the Controller's Office. Payments to your student account can be made online at Student Account Online Payment or in-person at the Controller's Office. The Controllers' Office accepts payments by check, credit card, or Flexi Dollars. Payment can also be made at SHS, but only by check. Graduate and law students are required to pay a one time per semester $50 graduate fee.

SHS does not bill health insurance plans. Students may obtain an itemized list of charges from SHS to submit to their health insurance plans for reimbursement.

No Show Policy

Generally, appointments are made in 20 minutes increments. Students who miss by their appointment by 20 minutes are subject to a $25 charge. Students who are more than 10 minutes late can only been seen at discretion of the healthcare provider that they were scheduled to be seen. 

Charges & Prices

Learn more about Student Health Service Charges and Prices.

Note: These prices are subject to change without notice.

Insurance and Billing

For information on insurance and billing, please read the following:

  • LMU requires all full-time students, including undergraduate, graduate and law students (enrolled in seven credit hours or more), to have health insurance in case you need surgery, hospitalization, specialty medical care, or other services outside the scope of SHS.
  • The LMU endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan provided by Aetna provides coverage for both accident and/or a sickness. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in this plan. Students who have a personal or family health insurance plan may waive out of this plan option. To waive out of the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, students must apply by navigating to, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, and completing the necessary wavier form. 
  • For students who wish to opt out of LMU endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan for the fall term must waiver out by October 6, 2017.
  • The annual premium for the Aetna Student Health Plan is $2,420 for the coverage period August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019, and for coverage for the spring semester is $1,411.
  • For information on a summary of the University 2018-19 AETNA Student Health Insurance plan, please see 2018-19 AETNA University-Endorsed Student Health Plan.  For instructions for filing a claim, please see How to Submit a Bill to Aetna Insurance.
  • For instructions on how to print your Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan card from the web, review How to Get Your Aetna ID Card.
  • Claims under the Aetna Student Health Student Health Insurance Plan are administered by Chickering Claims Administrators.
  • The annual premium for the accident-only plan is $114 and the coverage period is from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019.
  • Loyola Marymount University's Excess/Injury Medical Expenses Plan provides benefits to students and student athletes as a secondary health plan. The cost of the plan is $114.  For more information please see Mandatory Student Accident Brochure 2018-19.
  • To submit a claim under the University's Excess/Injury Medical Expense plan, please use the Student and Athletic Accident Insurance Claim form.‌

Questions about Insurance & Billing

If you have additional questions about SHS Insurance & Billing, check out our Frequently Asked Questions About Entrance Requirements 2018 - 2019.

If you have questions regarding the Aetna Health Insurance Plan, please call Aetna Student Health at (877) 409-7356, or visit Aetna.