Please submit a requesti if you would like to reserve a Student Housing Office meeting/classroom space.

Available rooms include:

  • SHO Conference Room
  • SHO Meeting Room
  • Sullivan Academic Center

Room Reservation Policies

  • Event must be professional in nature.
  • Events may be scheduled between 8:00am and 11:00pm, however, events scheduled after 5:00pm require self set-up.
  • Approximately one half-hour is required between events that are held in the SHO Meeting Room and Sullivan Academic Center to allow for set-up/break down of equipment.
  • If you voluntarily change the set-up of a room during your use, it must be returned to its original state prior to leaving. Also, if a room requires light surface cleaning after your use, please do so.
  • Food is not allowed in the Sullivan Academic Center.
  • If food is being served in the SHO Meeting or Conference Room, the requestor must take sole responsibility for its clean-up.
  • If requesting Sullivan Academic Center, access will not be provided to Sullivan Hall restrooms. The nearest available restrooms are located in Malone Student Center.

Maximum Capacity & Available Facilities

SHO Conference Room

Maximum Guests: 12

Conference Room includes: conference table, computer, flat screen television, video conference camera, built-in phone conference system.

SHO Meeting Room

Maximum Guests: 45, depending on room set-up:

  • Theater: 45
  • Banquet/Banquet Pods/Classroom: 40
  • Hollow Square: 28 guests max
  • U-Shape: 22

Meeting Room includes tables and chairs; smart classroom with built-in computer; and projector and screen.

Sullivan Academic Center

Maximum Guests: 60, depending on room set-up:

  • Theater: 60 guests max
  • Classroom: 50 guests max
  • Banquet/Banquet Pods- 48 guests max
  • Hollow Square: 40 guests max
  • Horseshoe: 32 guests max

Sullivan Academic Center includes: tables and chairs, smart classroom with built-in computer, projector and screen.

Room Set-Up Options

Learn more about the Room Set-up Options.

Request a Room

To request a room, complete the Student Housing Reservation Request form.

Note: The room must be left in the same condition that they found it:

  • The tables need to be reset to their original configuration.
  • The users need to clean the room and ensure that they leave the space free of trash.
  • People with reservations have priority use of the space.
  • No other students or staff can change the configuration of the room.

Classrooms must be reserved prior to using the space. People with reservations have priority use of the space. No other students or staff can change the configuration of the room.


You must receive approval prior to using a requested space. Confirmation will be sent in the form of an Outlook calendar meeting request. You will be notified by email if a requested room is not available.

If you are Student Housing staff, you may check space availability by reviewing the Outlook calendar.

OneCard access to requested spaces will be granted based on necessity.  


To inquire about room access, please contact Michael Ishino, Housing Services Manager, at (310) 338-2963 or