Emergency Medical Services

lmu shs emergency medical technicians

The Loyola Marymount University Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are full-time students who are nationally certified EMTs. They have passed the California certification exam and practicums at LMU to become part of the LMU EMS team.

EMS provides first aid, stabilization of the patient and if needed, coordinate an emergency response with Los Angeles City Fire Department as well as Public Safety. These services are available free of charge to the LMU community and all visitors when the Student Health Center is closed.

Emergencies & Medical Assistance

If you need medical assistance, dial 2-2-2 from any on-campus phone or call the Department of Public Safety at (310) 338-2893 and the EMS will be dispatched.

Contact or Join the EMS

If you have any further questions or are interested in joining LMU EMS, visit Student Health Services, email EMSrvcs@lmu.edu, or follow us on Instagram.