Intercultural Advancement

lmu eis students sitting in a circle

‌Intercultural Advancement — with its award-winning programs including the Intercultural Facilitators — is dedicated to developing an environment that encourages intercultural awareness, understanding and interaction at Loyola Marymount University.

Programs and Initiatives

Social Justice Series

This programs is intended to provide students with an opportunity to discuss issues that matter to LMU students. Each session has been selected to inspire thought, conversation and allow for an opportunity to expand the way in which to view the diverse and multi-cultural world in which we live.

National Dialogue on Race

This is an annual campus-wide dialogue about race in America, in our community and on our campus. This discussion is part of the Social Justice Series.

Intercultural Retreat

Join us for a weekend of incredible intercultural activities, including discussions and simulations all focused in understanding our cultural similarities and differences. Our goal is to create a safe atmosphere for cultural development and exchange, while encouraging honest group and individual expression and interactions.

Intercultural Summit

The Intercultural Summit is a full day cultural workshop facilitated by LMU's students. This workshop is designed to assist high school students to understand and manage inter-ethnic conflicts on their campuses. Additionally, the summit encourages dialogue and promotes progressive social action. The summit is an opportunity for high school students to participate in discussions and activities aimed at creating better cross-cultural communication and acquiring a greater appreciation of culture and diversity.