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COVID-19 Pandemic: Learn how LMU is protecting our campus community by visiting LMU Together.

Check out the A-Z index to answer your specific questions about campus operations. And, If you, a friend or a family  member test positive for COVID-19,  get information how to quarantine and isolate here


If you need to be tested for COVID-19, you may schedule a test at the LMU COVID testing site. Please register here. If you are unable to schedule a test at the LMU COVID testing site, please view this list of COVID-19 Testing Sites . For questions regarding COVID testing please visit or contact



Student Health Services (SHS) remains committed to the health and safety of our campus community. We are a full-service medical office that is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).Our health care team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, an x-ray technologist, and trained support staff. Our services include treatment for illnesses and injuries, preventive care, Gynecological health services, vaccinations and allergy shots, X-rays, health education/wellness programs, and much more.

What should I do if I’m feeling sick?
If you feel sick and have not been notified that you were exposed to a COVID-19 positive case in the last two weeks, do not come to campus (or leave your on-campus residence) or attend in-person classes and meetings, and follow these 4 steps:

  • Seek medical attention. Students may schedule a telehealth appointment or message with a Student Health Services provider via Staff and faculty should contact their medical provider. 
  • Get tested. COVID-19 tests are available free of charge to members of the LMU community. Schedule your appointment at and email to notify them of your appointment time and that you are symptomatic so they can make special arrangements. You are also welcome to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test through your medical provider, an LA County community test site, or other testing location. Due to reduced accuracy of antigen, rapid antigen, or rapid PCR tests, we recommend that you still take a PCR test even if have already received a rapid test.
  • Stay home and isolate yourself. While you await your COVID test/results and even if you test negative - Do not leave your residence or socialize with others until you are fever-free and symptoms have subsided for 24 hours - this includes going to class, work, and eating in the dining halls. Do your best to isolate away from your household members – avoid sharing a room and bathroom if at all possible. If you must enter common areas in your residence, wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet away from others.
  • After you seek medical care, if your doctor believes you have COVID-19 or you have received a positive COVID-19 test, please immediately isolate, and contact the LMU COVID Support Team for further instructions and resources.

If you know you have been exposed to a positive case, and you have developed symptoms, please contact COVID Support as soon as possible LMU COVID Support Team

Vaccination Requirements:

All LMU students are required to provide the university with confirmation showing they have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Please visit VAX LMU portal to enter the dates and type of vaccine you received and a scanned or photographed image of your vaccination record card. Please ensure your image is clear and legible, and that all vaccination dates are provided. Please wait until you have received your final dose before submitting your COVID vaccination record.

**All other vaccinations including the required measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination are to be recorded and documented on** 


Telehealth Options:

SHS can provide healthcare for students through an expanded and secure telehealth platform. Using this platform, SHS healthcare providers can offer a wide variety of consultative medical services remotely including an assessment of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. You may schedule a telehealth appointment or message an SHS healthcare provider by accessing our portal,

Prescription Refills:

SHS is able to refill prescriptions if the originator of the prescription was an SHS healthcare provider. You will need to contact your other healthcare provider if SHS did not initially provide the prescription.

 After Hours Care:

If SHS is closed and you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. If your symptoms are not life threatening and you live in the Los Angeles area, please visit urgent care clinics and hospital emergency departments. You may also contact the LMU Department of Public Safety for on-campus emergencies at 310.338.2893. If you are not living on campus and are out of the local area, contact your local healthcare provider.

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