students at basketball game in bleacher crowd cheering

Loyola Marymount University students have ample opportunities to get involved outside the classroom with more than 200 registered student organizations, 24 sorority and fraternities and an engaged in student government. Committed to service and justice with our students volunteering nearly 200,000 hours at more than 350 community organizations.

Additionally, the bluff is home to a nationally-awarded Student Media group, 83-year-old student-run theater, as well as venues hosting musicians, comedians and entertainers from Los Angeles and around the world. Cheer on the LMU Lions or join your own team in intramural and club sports.

So whether you're a student leader, creative type or an athlete, your student experience awaits.

Campus Activites & Entertainment

The Office of Campus Activities provides a number of venues and hangouts where students gather to study, socialize, drink caffeine, watch a movie, have a beer or enjoy live high-quality entertainment on campus.

Center for Service & Action

The Center for Service and Action at Loyola Marymount University offers students and graduates a wide range of volunteer opportunities serving those disadvantaged or oppressed. Service opportunities are available both locally and abroad through dedicated service groups and special events.

Student Leadership & Development

Student Leadership & Development understands that building leadership skills is a process that is cultivated by a passion for affecting positive social change. We present students with a variety of programs, organizations and opportunities that inspire them to get involved.