10.5.23 Student Conduct and The Lion's Code

October 4, 2023

Dear LMU Students,

As we approach the halfway mark of the fall semester, I want us all to remember what it means to be a Lion and a member of the LMU community: We are people for and with others. As a community, we care for and respect one another. We listen to each other, we engage in open and honest discourse, and we respond in a civil and respectful way when we disagree. We also respect the personal space and property of others.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a world filled with violence, divisiveness, and mean-spiritedness, and sadly, our community has not been immune to such negative behaviors. I expect each of you to remember that sharing perspectives and opinions openly and engaging in difficult conversations is the best and only acceptable way to find a resolution to challenging situations.

As students who enter the LMU community, I expect each of you to abide by our community standards outlined in our Student Conduct Code, and to live by The Lion’s Code. You are LMU Lions and, therefore, you are:

  • Individuals who own their actions of mind, hand, and heart;
  • Members of a community rich in mutual respect and care;
  • Different from the rest of the world;
  • Inclusive and welcoming, not exclusive and alienating.

The university has the following resources and services available to support and assist you:

Student Affairs and the university community are here to support you if you encounter challenges on your LMU journey. Please become more familiar with and utilize the services available to you.


Terri L. Mangione, Ph.D.
Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs
Malone Student Center 301