Live the Lion's Code

A student wearing an orange Live the Lion's Code shirt.

The Lion's Code affirms the ethics and values that are central and unique to Loyola Marymount University, setting a standard for behavior for students during their years on the bluff and beyond.

LMU students Live the Lion's Code by embodying the specific traits of a lion — honorable, courageous, proud, wise, bold — in caring for their peers and committing to their own personal growth.

Be a Lion

You are asked to be a lion:

I am a lion. Courageous of mind, charitable of heart, I stand in faith.

I will join the discourse of the academy with honesty of voice and integrity of scholarship. Respecting peers, professionals, professors, and students, I will embrace the diverse perspectives, arts, and sciences to discover what it means to be human. I will shelter and support the intellectual adventures of others.

I will own the actions of my mind, hand, and heart and build the community that sustains us. The respect and support that nurtures me is born of my respect for others. The dignity of the other, the stranger, grants me dignity. The expectations of my community are my own, and I will discover how I may be more fully alive.

In this tradition, within my community, a part of this academy, I stand in faith, prepared to learn to be one for others, ready to take up responsibility in the world.