Good Samaritan & Self-Reporting Policy

The welfare of students is of the highest importance to Loyola Marymount University. Students who are under the influence of a controlled substance at a level requiring medical attention, or the friends of such students, should always seek appropriate assistance from Public Safety, Residential Life Staff, EMTs, Student Health Services or any local emergency services. In such situations, students who either report a peer or self-report a high level of intoxication or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs and requests medical assistance, Loyola Marymount University will support this behavior by mitigating the resulting disciplinary actions.

Assisting students who report Title IX Sexual Harassmnet and/or sexual or interpersonal misconduct is of paramount importance to the University. In order to facilitate reporting, the University may choose not to charge students who report sexual or interpersonal misconduct or any material witnesses with Student Conduct Code violations for certain behavior that otherwise would be considered violations (e.g. underage consumption of alcohol and/or use of marijuana or other illegal drugs). 

For more information regarding the Good Samaritan and Self-Reporting Policy, please review the policy here.

School YearGood Samaritan Reports
2011-12 9
2012-13 16
2013-14 19
2014-15 25
2015-16 37
2016-17 35
2017-18 28
2018-19 25
2019-20 16

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