Four students posing together inside The Hill

What is LEO?

LEO is Loyola Marymount University's online student engagement platform. Want to get involved at LMU? Looking to join a club, start an organization, do community service or attend an event? LEO is where students go to discover those opportunities and engage with fellow Lions.


New to LEO?

Follow these simple steps to start your LMU Experience now: 

  1. Log into LEO: Visit LEO and sign in with your LMU credentials and set up your profile.
  2. Join Groups: Browse all of LMU's organizations, clubs, programs and groups. Join organizations to connect with ones that interest you!
  3. Discover Things to Do: Check out the events calendar on LEO. When you attend an event, bring your OneCard to swipe in and win LMU swag.
  4. Download the App: Search for “Corq" and join the Loyola Marymount community. So you can stay connected on the go.