Lion Express

photo of plane taking off with palm tress in the background

As the 2023 holiday season approaches, we are excited to announce the Lion Express by Uber is offering a FREE Uber voucher to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for on-campus students. Uber vouchers will only be available Nov. 20- 22 and Dec. 13-15 from the LMU Westchester campus to LAX. 

Thanksgiving Break (2023):

  • Monday, Nov 20 (to LAX)
  • Tuesday, Nov 21 (to LAX)
  • Wednesday, Nov 22 (to LAX)

Winter Break (2023):

  • Wednesday, Dec 13 (to LAX)
  • Thursday, Dec 14 (to LAX)
  • Friday, Dec 15 (to LAX)

Thank you for participating in the Lion Express by Uber! 

Additional questions or concerns? Please contact or call 310-338-2963.