Restorative Options for SFL

Looking for ways to address conflict? Wondering how to talk to each other about something serious?

LMU is offering a safe and structured space with an impartial facilitator to help address topics that are important to Sorority & Fraternity Life. Learn more about the following two options below.

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  • Interested in having a conversation about an issue with one or more parties and you’re not quite sure how to move forward?  Have you tried talking with someone surrounding a problem and feel stuck?

    Contact us to speak with a facilitator about how Restorative Conferencing works. The Restorative Conference brings everyone affected by harm, along with their supporters, together to get an opportunity to address things collectively. This process not only holds people accountable for their actions, it also gives everyone a chance to be heard with a focus on how things could be resolved to move forward. This process requires a trained, impartial Restorative Conferencing facilitator to ask the group three key questions:

    1. What happened?
    2. Who has been affected and how?
    3. What can be done to repair the harm and ensure it doesn’t happen again?

    Participation is 100% voluntary. This process honors privacy.

  • Do you have a group of people who are trying to figure out how to solve a problem? Have you tried to fix an issue that just ends up with a lot of complaining? 

    We have a facilitator available who invites participants to join a group problem-solving conversation.
    A trained, impartial facilitator would ask the group to determine the topic(s) ahead of time. Embodying a participatory, egalitarian, and meaningful way to enhance and strengthen the campus community, these conversations break down barriers and offer a process for decision-making. The aim is to help build a positive campus climate where everyone can potentially feel safe and valued.

    Participation is 100% voluntary. This process honors privacy.


    The goal is to provide a safe and structured space for voluntary group conversations offering a way for students to express their concerns and generate action plans.