Intercultural Competency

LMU intercultural facilitators presenting in front of an audience

The Intercultural Competency Certificate Program includes specialized courses that are designed to maximize the students learning capacity by connecting theory to practice. LMU students who successfully complete the fall and spring courses and participate in the Intercultural Retreat, will earn the Intercultural Competency Certificate. This is a citation printed on the transcript that indicates advanced training in the area of Human Relations

Intercultural Practicum

The Intercultural Practicum equips students with Intercultural knowledge, awareness, and advanced mediation and facilitation skills. Additionally, students develop strategies for organizational change in multiethnic settings.

Participants will have opportunities to critically examine how privilege and power impact social outcomes and to understand the role of students as agents of change for social justice. Learners will use the framework “Understand yourself, to better understand others”. Participants will gain greater insight by exploring diversity through intercultural perspectives.

This Practicum is a prerequisite to the Intercultural Facilitator Program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know and be able to define cultural determinants.
  • Know and recount historical events that shape interactions of diverse populations.
  • Value and recognize how personal experiences shape relationships and
    encounters, in the United States.
  • Know and recount changes in family structure, racial/ethnic distribution,
  • Socio-economic status and immigrant/refugee movements in the last 20 years.
  • Know and identify how bias impacts society.