Designed to serve, encourage, and celebrate those that identify as part of the African diaspora within the greater LMU community. Fostering a sense of belonging for the entire Black student body, with an understanding and empathy for all of our non-monolithic experiences in unison with our collective needs for community. It is important to provide a sense of belonging and comfort on campus to all students, both undergraduate and graduate, in order to ensure their holistic success. It is vital to understand that safe spaces such as this one, are often in response to oppression -- sanctity from the structural abuse of racism and white supremacy. In this space the Black community will be given the opportunity to address the ways we have been harmed and develop steps to heal.

Our Pillars

  • This space is specifically committed to the success of all Black students at LMU. Rooted in the importance of holistic health and spiritual wellbeing, this life-giving space is intended to ensure the overall success of Black students. That includes not only their academic success but their physical, mental and emotional health as well.

  • In this space we outline our legacy, make room for our ancestors to be known, and live out our own cultural customs specific to our experience as Black people. We know that without those who have come before us, our efforts would not be as tangible. In this space we will uplift and support our collective, reaching within to establish community for all Black people at LMU. With this pillar we also seek internal collaboration with external entities, providing us the opportunity to connect and engage with the Black community in the greater L.A. area.

  • We are committed to actively challenging LMU in pursuing its mission statement of being an institution founded on the pillar of “service of faith and the promotion of justice” as it specifically pertains to the Black community at LMU. LMU should consistently strive to not only identify white supremacy in its practices, but also to eradicate any areas of marginalization on this campus.

Ethos Statement

  • In this space we honor our ancestors, our heritage, and ourselves.
  • In this space our humanity is sacred and protected.
  • In this space we lead with love, intention, and respect.
  • In this space we don’t pay mind to trivial things such as gossip and pettiness, we instead choose protection of our energy and healing.
  • We affirm, codify, and integrate common cultural experiences, values, and interpretations that cut across the Black diaspora.
  • We see each other as extensions of the same root, ones we are tasked with watering and cultivating and uplifting.
  • We are a collective that believes in an inclusive and spacious movement toward true freedom and excellence.
  • We also believe that in order to succeed and bring as many people with us along the way, we must move beyond the narrow mindedness and internally perpetuated marginalization. 
  • This space values and supports the entire Black community at LMU - regardless of gender, identity, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual affiliation, or political opinion. Oppressive and harmful behaviors and language are dispirited with the ethos of the space.