Booking the Space

How to Request The Mbongi Spot

If a LMU student organization or staff/faculty would like to book The Mbongi Spot, the program must be tailored to at least one of The Mbongi Spot’s pillars and purpose.

  • Black Student Success
  • Communal Engagement
  • Social Justice

Request The Mbongi Spot through the following steps:

  1. Book two (2) weeks in advance.
  2. Fill out and submit the request form.
  3. The form request goes to The Mbongi Spot manager for review/ approval process.

Criteria for Booking

  • Request will be approved based on the following criteria:
  • Directly correlates to one or more of The Mbongi Spot pillars (Black Student Success, Communal Engagement, and Social Justice)
  • Event is catered to inform, entertain and/or provide resources for the LMU Black community.
  • Celebrate and uplift LMU Black students, alumni, faculty, and greater Black community.
  • The Mbongi Spot is available and suitable for set up (staff and equipment).
  • There is adequate time to properly accommodate the program or event.
  • Evaluation of risks and liability to the space and its’ reputation
  • Provides a gathering place for congregation and Black community meetings.


If you are looking to cancel an event booked through the space, please email  at least 24 hours in advance. Whomever placed the request to book the space must be the person to cancel the reservation. 

  • Only LMU recognized student groups, organizations, and staff/faculty are able to request to book the designated The Mbongi Spot. Individual students and staff are welcome to utilize the space during open hours 9 a.m.– 7 p.m. but cannot book the space independently without an LMU recognized class, organization, or department. 

    Third-party organizations looking to book the space should contact LMU Conference and Event Services at If the event has an LMU department/ faculty sponsor please have them email us at


  • Utilization of The Mbongi Spot by LMU recognized student groups, organizations, and staff/faculty with a focus on the success of the black community. Below are examples in which the space should be booked for use:

    • Black Student Overnight Dinner
    • Spoken Word/Poetry Night by Office of Black Student Services
    • African Dance Team practice
    • Brothers Of Consciousness meetings
  • The space availability will be visible on Mazevo. However, booking will be done through The Mbongi Spot website and request form. All requests go to The Mbongi Spot manager who will review and respond regarding approval status.



  • Yes, the space is available for any LMU recognized student groups, organizations, and staff/faculty to request the space. However, events must be catered to black success and engagement at LMU and may not be approved if deemed otherwise. Additionally, The Mbongi Spot gives priority to LMU’s Black community, organizations, and programs. The booking request form will have you indicate the relevance of the event to one or more of The Mbongi Spot pillars.

  • The Mbongi Spot gives first priority to LMU’s Black community, organizations, and programs. Please request the space at least two (2) weeks in advance.

  • No, booking of The MBongi Spot would include both indoor and outdoor space. If only looking to utilize the lawn, one would request to book the space and indicate when asked on the form that they’re only looking to utilize the outdoor lawn.

  • The maximum indoor capacity of the space is 99 people.