Three students sitting at a table having a discussion.

LMU CARES Training & Programs

LMU CARES offers a number of trainings covering a broad range of topics, including sexual assault prevention, alcohol consumption, personal accountability and cross-cultural dialogue.

What is Consent?

Consent is the unambiguous and willing participation or cooperation in act, behavior or attitude that is commonly understood to be consistent with the exercise of free will. There four tenants of consent: it must be clear, coherent, willing and ongoing.

Bystander Intervention

Although it can be awkward or inconvenient to confront a friend or peer, your action may remove a potential situation of harm, along with all of the resulting physical, emotional, academic and even criminal consequences for the people involved.

Resources for Healthy Relationships

LMU CARES is committed to fostering healthy relationships within our student community. We've provided several factsheets below to provide you with tools and guidance to help you build and maintain healthy relationships.