Resources for Healthy Relationships

Two students sitting outside at a table having a discussion.

LMU CARES is committed to fostering healthy relationships within our student community. We've provided several factsheets below to provide you with tools and guidance to help you build and maintain healthy relationships.

LMU CARES Factsheets

Check out the resources below to download a PDF of each factsheet:

Healthy Relationships

A relationship should be a source of joy, support and friendship, and should not cause anxiety, insecurity or isolation. This information will help you to understand the foundations of healthy relationships and to recognize the signs of unhealthy ones.


One of the keys to a healthy relationship is maintaining good communication. These tips and guidelines will help facilitate communication between you and your partner.

Fighting Fair and Conflict

Even the healthiest of relationships will experience conflict at times. As this factsheet explains in greater detail, conflict can even strengthen a relationship, as long as it is resolved in a constructive manner with respect for both partners.

Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are a critical part of a healthy relationship. Having clear emotional, physical and sexual boundaries creates an atmosphere of respect and understanding. As you work on building and maintaining boundaries in your relationship, consider the information on this factsheet.

Dating Bill of Rights

In every dating relationship, each partner should respect — and expect — certain rights. Here is a list of non-negotiable standards that we recommend that you and your partner consider agreeing to as you build a healthy relationship.

Additional Resources

Here are other resources on to help you have healthy relationships: