WINTER 2023 (December 15 - 22, 2023) 

AB El Salvador (Winter 2023) - $1,450 

Clean Water and Sanitation / Reduced Inequalities / Climate Action / Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 

On this AB immersion, you’ll get to have conversations with different speakers, grassroots organization leaders, rural community members, and youth groups. Participants learn about and humanize immigration and its root causes, climate change and the impact it his having in the Central American region, economic and social inequalities, women's rights, human rights, historic memory, the civil war and post-era, and nonviolence and its importance in how one carries out dialogues and actions about issues affecting our societies. 


SPRING 2024 (February 23, 2024 - March 2, 2024) 

AB Arizona (Spring 2024) - $750 

No Poverty / Zero Hunger / Good Health & Well-Being / Sustainable Cities and Communities / Life On Land 

On this AB immersion, you’ll get to serve and sweat with Apache farmers on White Mountain in the historic Fort Apache reservation of Arizona while working with the Highland Support Project on an Indigenously-led intercultural exchange. Learn about wild and native foods while working on projects such as canal clearing, greenhouse construction and fence mending. HSP has partnered with Indigenous communities across the Americas to facilitate transformational experiences and projects for all those involved for over 30 years. 


AB Belize (Spring 2023) - $1,450 

Quality Education / Decent Work and Economic Growth / Responsible Consumption and Production 

On this AB immersion, you’ll get to focus on education justice and its impact on marginalized communities. Taking note from Jesuit tradition through work with the Jesuit college in Belize City, students will learn how to center social justice through their educational experience, such as teaching “the whole person.” This trip will help cultivate a knowledge of education through the Jesuit mission: advancing faith through the promotion of justice. 


AB Guatemala (Spring 2024) - $1,450 

Good Health & Well-Being / Quality Education / Reduced Inequalities 

On this AB immersion, you’ll get to experience Guatemala's hospitality firsthand and engage directly with Guatemalans who have different perspectives on education, health, and wellbeing. You will also get to visit community partners to learn about land tenure, sustainable agriculture, (im)migration, and a range of economic and educational development initiatives.  You will learn about Guatemala's rich history and how it shapes the current social-political situation.  You will also learn how the Mayan cosmovision frames health and well-being and will have an opportunity to observe/participate in a Mayan ceremony.   

*Note: CSA is working with the university to bring a videographer on this trip to document what an AB trips entails. We will discuss this further in interviews if you indicate interest in this trip.  


AB Puerto Rico (Spring 2024) - $1,450 

Zero Hunger / Good Health & Well-Being / Responsible Consumption and Production 

On this AB immersion, you’ll get to explore the food system in Puerto Rico and learn from hands-on experiences how community-based initiatives are pioneering the road to reaching food sovereignty. Together with local, partner agroecological farms and community members, participants will engage in service-learning projects such as farm rehabilitation, organic food production, agroforestry conservation, and rainwater management. Participants will not only learn sustainability techniques from hands-on experience, but also understand what it means to be of service, and how to invoke a service mindset in their everyday lives. 



SUMMER 2024 (May 5 - 17, 2024) 

AB Philippines (Summer 2024) - $1,950 

Reduced Inequalities / Partnerships for the Goal 

On this AB trip, you’ll get to have meaningful encounters with others through exposure trips, conversations with members of different institutions and communities belonging to the following sectors: agriculture, urban poor, children, persons with disabilities, among others. This program will allow students to identify the different economic, socio-political, and cultural issues surrounding the sector through the narratives of stakeholders; identify possible avenues for deeper interaction or engagement; and reflect on possible responses to the call for solidarity and service. Moreover, the hope is to have participants also gain a deeper sense of self, and how we are called to become persons for others both in our personal and professional lives. 


AB South Africa & Namibia (Summer 2024) - $1,950 

No Poverty / Good Health & Well-Being / Peace Justice and Strong Institutions 

On this AB trip, you’ll get an inside glimpse into both of these countries and hear about the liberation struggle in each as you learn how everyday people worked to overturn and dismantle racial segregation and minority rule. You will hear stories from the local people, community experts and organizations that have been and continue to be committed to improving and strengthening their communities and their countries.  You will also be invited to consider how citizens in the U.S. have struggled for equal rights and liberation from oppressive systems, and you will be able to you compare and contrast differences and similarities among the three nations. 

South Africa and Namibia have struggled with legacies of Apartheid, a white supremacist system in which black citizens were forcefully removed from their homes, restricted and confined within tribal homelands according to their ethnicity, while whites occupied towns and cities and controlled the resources. Although Apartheid officially ended in the early 1990’s, the impacts of the oppressive system remain and impact many sectors of society. 


Below are important dates students should keep in mind when participating in the Alternative Breaks Program.

AB Information Sessions

September 6, 2023 at 5pm, location TBD

September 11, 2023 at 6pm, location TBD

September 15, 2023 at 4pm, location TBD

AB Decision/Deposit Due October 1, 2023
AB Community Welcome Night  October 6, 2023 (5-8pm)
AB Final Deposit December 1, 2023
AB Winter Dates TBD
AB Spring Dates February 23-March 2, 2024
Advocacy Teach-In March 23, 2024 (9am-2pm)
AB Film Festival April 17, 2024
AB Summer Dates May 5-17, 2024