An LMU student preparing food on an Alternative Break trip.

AB immersions are year-long commitments. When applying to an AB immersion, participants are committing to: 

  • Attending the Community Welcome Night 
  • Attending all pre-trip meetings (3-6) 
  • Being available for their entire immersion dates 
  • Create a post-trip action with their AB group 
  • Attend the AB Film Festival 
  • Attend the Advocacy Teach-in at LMU" 
  • Participants have engaged in post trip action to advocate for the issues they explored and brought it back to the LMU/LA Community.

    Pro-Liberation Party

    The Pro-Liberation Party was the official post-trip action of Loyola Marymount University's AB Chicago. Pro-Liberation is the radical belief in the freedom of all oppressed persons. As women of color, our goal is to promote this sentiment throughout greater society, understanding that our liberation is inherently entangled with all of humankind. AB Chicago 2018 welcome all races, sexualities, genders, generations, mental/physical abilities, socioeconomic levels, cultures, lifestyle choices, and other identities into this intersectional space, as long as they are non-violent to others. We asked that that everyone who attends come in with a commitment to learn and to engage, even when the activities challenge our personal beliefs.

    Collective Art Piece 2016

    In 2015-16, each Alternative Breaks trip participated in a collective art piece that represents the history of oppression and resistance within their own trip's focus. The exhibit was displayed for a week along Palm Walk.

    Health Advocacy For Immigrants 2015

    On April 12-13, inspired by their AB trips focusing on Immigration and Public Health, and motivated to do Advocacy, Sayda Sosa (AB Tucson participant) and Cecilia Ramirez (AB Nicaragua participant) attended a Health4All Leadership and Training Conference, and marched in solidarity with many others to the capitol, in Sacramento, in support of the Health For All Act, SB4. They had the opportunity to be educated about the disparities in the healthcare system, and listen to testimonies and inspiring speakers who have been affected by the inequality of the healthcare system due to their status of being undocumented. They hope to continue to be advocates for Healthcare equality.

    AB New York 2018

    The participants of the AB New York trip gave awareness to the LMU Community about gender norms and the impact of heteronormativity that perpetuates negative stereotypes. The group put on a drag show to embrace the uniqueness of gender identity and expression, while also partnering with local organizations like Venice Family clinic. Services were held on Palm Walk and ranged from tabling, a free and mobile STD/HIV testing truck, and passed around a petition to expand gender neutral restrooms on campus and support The Trevor Project in the outlawing of conversion therapy.

    East Los Angeles/Tucson

    Immigration Justice Coalition 2014

    AB East LA/Tucson partnered with Magis, Latino Roundtable, and De Colores to bring awareness to the LMU community about immigration. They marched together in the 48 Hour Run/Walk and educated students about the myths and facts of immigration.

    May Day March: May 1, 2014

    AB East LA, MEChA, and students of LMU participated in Los Angeles-wide May Day March advocating for immigrant rights.

    AB Peru

    Special Games

    AB Peru participants joined the festivities at LMU's Special Games.

    Keen Foundation

    Participants worked with Keen, an organization that helps provide learning tools not available through the education system for kids with special needs.

    Autism Speaks Walk

    AB Peru participated in several fundraising events for special needs, including the Walk Now for Autism Speaks at the Rose Bowl and the Buddy Walk.


    AB Palestine participants started the Students for Justice in Palestine group on campus which focuses on advocacy and awareness for the Israeli occupation of Palestine. They have hosted a lecture series, film screenings, cultural events. This past school year, they hosted Palestine Awareness Week, educating LMU students on the human rights abuses of the region.


    One Billion Rising is a worldwide event to end violence against women. In 2013, AB Participants held a One Billion Rising event on LMU's campus. GABRIELA LA came to speak at the event.

  • Alternative Breaks Participants are asked to produce a 10-15 minute documentary about their AB trip to be screened during Center for Service & Action's Solidarity Action Week in April. These documentaries raise awareness about worldwide issues and tie it to our community in Los Angeles and Loyola Marymount University while promoting our AB Program and cultivating active participants.

    Watch the Films

    Watch the student-produced documentaries from our past film festivals:

  • The Alternative Breaks Program offers a local weekend trip focused on gentrification. What is gentrification? Gentrification, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is "the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents."

    Gentrification occurs all around the United States including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Brooklyn. Alternative Breaks' Alternative Weekend will be focusing on several neighborhoods in Los Angeles that are currently undergoing gentrification and the efforts to stop the process.

    Alternative Weekend Trip Details

    More information coming soon. Please contact Alternative Breaks if you have any questions.