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We understand that there are many different paths that you can take after your full-time volunteer service. In a survey conducted by the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service, the greatest number of volunteers (28.6%) pursued some field of work, while 12.4% of volunteers pursued graduate studies after their volunteer work was completed, and 8.4% engaged in another volunteer service program (from CNVS Membership surveys; 2009-10).

The Center for Service and Action has compiled a list of resources and programs that you may be interested in after you complete your service.

General Resources

Catholic Volunteer Network has a great website dedicated to those who have just completed their volunteer service. Here you can find a network of former volunteers, a job bank, and other resources.

Career Resources

LMU Career and Professional Development provides alumni with lifetime career counseling, job search assistance, graduate school information, and access to career resources.

LMU alumni are also able to use the Handshake database in order to find job postings. You will need your myLMU or alumni ID to log in.