Lions for Learning

a woman helping a child in a classroom

The Lions for Learning Tutoring Program is an off-campus work initiative that employs Loyola Marymount University undergraduate and graduates Work-Study students to assist with in-class and after-school tutoring at local elementary and middle schools.

Information for LMU Students

Benefits of participating in the Lions for Learning Tutoring Program:

  • Student tutors get the hands-on experience that a school environment provides
  • Student tutors develop professional and social skills in a diverse setting while building strong community ties
  • Student tutors serve as role models and mentors while helping school children develop reading and math skills

Lions for Learning Tutor Resources

Lions for Learning Schools

  • Cowan Elementary - The Enrichment Center
  • Katherine Johnson STEM Academy
  • Mar Vista School Enrichment Group
  • Ocean Charter School
  • Orville Wright Middle School
  • Paseo del Rey Elementary School
  • Playa Vista Elementary School
  • Richland Avenue Elementary School (french)
  • Short Ave Elementary School
  • St. Anastasia School
  • St. Jerome School
  • Today's Fresh Start Charter School
  • Visitation School
  • Westchester Lutheran School
  • Westport Heights Elementary School
  • Westside Neighborhood School
  • Wish Charter Elementary School
  • Wish Charter Middle School

Information for Schools

Lions for Learning School Qualifications

  • The organization must be non-profit and provide proof of certification; i.e. tax exemption form.
  • The primary work assigned to the students will be tutoring in elementary or middle school grade levels in all subject areas.
  • The work assigned to the students by the organization will be (a) in the public interest and (b) will not result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for services. Both parties agree that no students will be denied work or be subjected to discrimination under this agreement on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender, national origin or disability.
  • Once an organization is approved as a Lions for Learning site, LMU will pay 100% of the actual compensation payable to each student employed at the school from its Work-Study funding.

Please contact for more information.