Student Worker Program

A group of students gather outside in the Palm Quad Courtyard in front of red umbrellas.

About the Program

The Student Worker Program was established in 1957 and is unique to Loyola Marymount University. There is no other program like it at any university in the country. The program is comprised of 24 hard-working LMU students who are given the opportunity to work in various university departments and live on-campus, on a year-round basis, while earning money to help offset the cost of attendance at LMU.


Student Workers work in assigned placements with university departments for at least 20 hours a week. All first year Student Workers (known in the program as "Rookies") work in the LMU Recycling Yard. Second, third, and fourth year Student Workers are placed in various departments on campus. In addition to their assigned placement work, all Student Workers have mandatory Crew jobs and additional smaller jobs throughout the year. Mandatory Crew jobs include setting up and working Welcome Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Wine Classic, Family Weekend, and Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law School Commencement, etc. Additional smaller jobs include moving office furniture, setting up the University chapel, as well as tables, chairs, tents for campus events.

There are physical demands associated with being in the Student Worker Program and they must be met to successfully perform the essential functions of this program. While performing the duties of this program, the Student Workers are frequently required to lift, bend, carry, haul, move equipment, drive a campus cart and/or operate machinery. Specific vision abilities required by jobs include close vision, distance vision and depth perception.

Dedication to the Program

The Student Worker Program requires a substantial time commitment. Student Workers work an average of 20 to 25 hours per week while attending school full-time. Throughout the year, students are also required to work mandatory crew jobs and additional jobs for various departments across campus.

First Year in the Program

Rookies are required to work in the LMU Recycling Yard for their first year in the program. Student Workers in the Recycling Yard begin work at 6:30 a.m., at least three days per week and are required to work a minimum of 20 hours each week. Working in the Recycling Yard, the Rookies handle the day-to-day recyclables and trash from throughout the university campus. Recyclables are transported to the Recycling Yard from different locations on-campus, and are sorted by cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, etc.

Subsequent Years in the Program

After the first year in the program, Student Workers are assigned to work in a department on campus. Campus partners include the Center for Service & Action, University Advancement, Burns Recreation Center, Student Accounts Center, Greek Life, Student Housing, Student Leadership & Development and more. Student Workers are required to work at least 20 hours a week in their assigned department.

What the Program Provides

LMU Student Workers receive a comprehensive earnings package, including on-campus housing, a meal stipend, and an earnings potential significantly higher than the average federal work-study award.

Contact the Student Workers

To contact the Student Worker Program, email or call Student Employment Services at 310.338.7606. Please note that although our staff may not be in office to answer the phone all voicemails will be forwarded to the above email for response.

Need to request assistance on a job? Visit Schedule the Student Workers.