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  • The purpose of the Conference Reserve Budget (CRB) is to provide financial assistance to current LMU graduate students who wish to attend a conference applicable to their studies. Through its use of funds, CRB intends to develop professional growth and foster a sense of community.

    Access the CRB Application on LEO.


    1. Applications will be voted upon by the Senate during a monthly meeting.
    2. Senators who submit an application shall abstain from voting upon their application.
    3. GSLMU By-Laws allocates $2,500.00 per semester of its annual budget to support academic conference registration.
    4. Each applicant is limited to $500.00 per academic year.
    5. Travel expenses are not included; only registration fees.
    6. The conference must be tied to the applicant's academic program of study.
    7. GSLMU reserves the right to decline an application.
    8. Funds are awarded on a first come first serve basis.
    9. Any remaining CRB Fall semester funds may be rolled over to the Spring semester.
    10. Students will be reimbursed for fees after submission of a post-event report to be presented at a monthly meeting.
  • The purpose of the Graduate Student Reserve Board (GSRB) is to provide financial assistance to University registered graduate groups through the co-sponsorship of events and activities that enhance the graduate student experience and foster a stronger LMU community. Through its use of funds, GSRB intends to foster leadership, a great sense of community, social consciousness, entertainment, and an enjoyable LMU atmosphere.

    Access the GSRB Application on LEO.


    1. Award decisions will be made by the GSLMU Executive Board and the GSLMU Advisor.
    2. GSLMU By-Laws allocates 10% of its annual budget to the GSRB.
    3. Your Graduate Student Register Organization (GRSO) must be in good standing with GSLMU and Student Affairs.
    4. Your GRSO must be a registered organization under Student Leadership and Development.
    5. GSLMU Executive Board reserves the right to decline an organization's application for funding.
    6. GSLMU will not be accepting applications for funds applied to the summer sessions.
    7. Funds are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
    8. If your GSRO receives money for an event or activity, you will be required to include the GSLMU log on all marketing collateral. Failure to do so will result in a financial hold from GSLMU.
  • If you would like to list or update information on your Graduate Student Organization, please contact the GSLMU CCO at with the name of the organization, website, email, and social network pages.

  • On-Campus Housing

    No longer available starting 2017-18 academic year. For any comments or concerns, please address them to the GSLMU President at who is the liaison in this matter.

    LMU at Playa del Oro

    LMU@PDO is a graduate housing community located less than a mile off-campus at the Playa del Oro apartment complex. Check out Student Housing's website for more info!

    Off-Campus Housing

    For those seeking off-campus housing, resources can be found on the Office of Off-Campus Student Life page. For more information, visit Off Campus Student Life. For Loyola Law School, information can be found here: .