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Email: eis@lmu.edu

Office: Malone Student Center 201

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Committed to the holistic development of African American students, The Office of Black Student Services (OBSS) strives to foster a family-oriented community where trust, respect, and love play a significant role. Since 1969, BSS has worked in collaboration with the Division of Academic Affairs and other campus departments to ensure that meaningful connection with students is prioritized. These connections occur within both individual and group contexts through one-on-one meetings, as well as co-curricular programming that is intentionally designed to provide support, engagement, and, ultimately, results in increased levels of both retention and graduation.


  • To promote and celebrate African Culture and heritage, so as to provide students and the campus community with an understanding of the history, successes and contemporary struggles of Africans/African Americans.
  • To assist and guide students in the processes of understanding who they are, understanding where they come from, and making sound, well-informed decisions regarding their futures.
  • To develop leaders and change agents, who are prepared to effectuate positive change within the Campus Community as well as their home communities upon graduation.
  • To create co-curricular programming that the knowledge that builds up and enhances the knowledge that students obtain in the classroom.
  • To develop and maintain a sense of community among Africans/African Americans at Loyola Marymount University.
  • To connect students to opportunities to serve their community within a framework that is rooted in Social Justice.

Meet the Staff

Headshot of Mia Davis
Mia Davis, Director

Mia Davis

Mia Davis has worked in higher education for over a decade. Some of her previous positions include Counselor and Instructor for multiple community colleges in Southern California, program director for programs that serve students with children and students in recovery at a large university, and most recently she was a regional coordinator for a nonprofit that supported Black college students in California. While all of Mia’s positions have not focused solely on Black students, in every position that she has held, she has made it her priority to be actively engaged in any program, event, committee, or initiative that supported Black students on campus. This passion and strong conviction stems from the support she received during her journey through college. 

As a Black, first generation, low-income single mom, navigating college was difficult. After many failed attempts to succeed on her own, Mia was introduced to a program that supported Black students at her college. In that program, the faculty empowered her, the staff encouraged her, and the students embraced her. Thanks to their above and beyond support, Mia was able to graduate from college with honors. As a result of her transformational experience, Mia has dedicated her career to encouraging, empowering, and embracing Black students during their academic journey. She hopes to pay it forward by providing above and beyond support to Black students at LMU in the same way many provided above and beyond support to her.

Mia grew up in Inglewood and Westchester. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Afro-American Studies and master’s degree in education counseling. She is the proud mom of her 16 year old son, Jeremiah. She loves puzzles, stickers, and cats.