TLC students standing in front of Sacred Heart Chapel

The Learning Community at Loyola Marymount University participants will have the opportunity to begin their journey to success through a multitude of activities, course exhibitions and workshops. Though TLC begins the summer prior to the start of LMU's fall semester, TLC’s year-long program is an enriching and fulfilling experience.

The TLC Program consists of two primary elements:

Summer Program

Are you ready to get a head start on your first-year at LMU? Students will spend two weeks on campus, prior to the start of school. This will help participants become familiar with the campus and its resources, which will create a smooth transition into the first year at LMU. Participants will also experience college life and have the opportunity to explore the Los Angeles area for cultural and community awareness, participate in community service projects, and much more.

During the two-week summer program, TLC participants will experience what a typical day in college feels like, while meeting key administrators, and engaging in excursions throughout greater Los Angeles.

Leadership Development

  • Take an African American studies course that enables students to locate themselves in the broader context of the struggle for cultural and intellectual self-determination and social justice transformation through education
  • Get a head start on one of two one-unit courses through the Ignatian Leadership Institute

Mentoring & Networking

  • Participants receive one-on-one mentoring with the TLC Program Coordinator, Resident Director and Resident Advisors
  • Networking engagement and mentorship opportunities with faculty, staff, LMU's African-American Alumni Association and community members

Service Learning & Engagement

  • Introduction to Service Learning initiatives at LMU and in the Los Angeles community
  • Opportunities to take part in various initiatives and service projects

Professional Development

  • Professional development, etiquette and networking workshops with Career and Professional Development
  • One-on-one networking and mentorship with current LMU students, alumni, faculty and staff

Academic and Co-Curricular Awareness

  • Participate in program workshops and activities to prepare you for life in college
  • Learn about key resources, faculty and staff at LMU
  • Learn how to navigate the LMU campus
  • Get a head start on your academic goals and aspirations

Cultural Awareness

  • Cultural excursions in greater Los Angeles
  • Participate in community programs and activities
  • Try different cultural cuisines and art forms

First-Year Fall & Spring Program

You will take a year-long leadership course and develop a personal leadership profile. In addition, you will receive individualized mentorship and advisement, invitations to special engagements and take part in various academic and co-curricular activities. Participants are supported by the TLC staff and one another through exclusive year-long opportunities.

Leadership Development

  • Take two one-unit courses through the Ignatian Leadership Institute. TLC participants will demonstrate value-based and collaborative leadership through the Social Change Model, articulate what it means to be a Black leader and effectively express their personal leadership philosophy and style. Completion of both courses will earn participants special recognition at the end of the academic year
  • Leadership in Action activities where participants apply what they have learned in the classroom into practice

Mentoring & Networking

  • Participants receive one-on-one mentoring with the TLC Program Coordinator
  • Networking engagement and mentorship opportunities with faculty, staff, LMU's African-American Alumni Association and community members

Service Learning & Engagement

  • Participation in Service Learning experiences such community service experiences
  • Volunteer with the Family of Schools, Lion For A Day programs that exposes high school students to college life
  • Exposure to various service organizations at LMU and in the local community

Academic & Co-Curricular Awareness

  • Participation in program workshops and activities
  • Study lounges
  • TLC family mixers
  • Brother to Brother/Sister to Sister conversations
  • Black History Month programs
  • Snack Shack Study Break
  • Encouragement to get involved in student clubs and organizations
  • Recognition at the TLC End Of Year Banquet

After Your First Year

Beyond the first year at LMU, TLC participants will have the opportunity to engage with the program in numerous ways. This objective sets the expectation that, as a community member of TLC, students will engage with one another and TLC cohorts following their own, including as alumni. As learned in the first year, students will utilize their self-knowledge and cultural awareness to be active participants in the TLC, LMU, Black and great Los Angeles communities.

TLC Alumni Testimonial

‌"Being an out of state student, TLC gave me a sense of belonging and a moral obligation to give back to the community in which I am a part of. It truly charged me to step up as a leader in the Black community, LMU community, and greater Los Angeles community."

- Ashley Watterson ’13, Asian Pacific Studies (San Antonio, Texas)