Orientation & Address Verification

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  • The Off Campus Address Verification (OCAV) process takes place each academic year and is part of an effort to provide greater support and guidance to students living off campus. The online orientation highlights student rights and responsibilities and reiterates some of the University’s expectations of students living off campus. After completing the online orientation, students register and verify a local address with the university. This information assists with university planning, maintaining community safety and security, and facilitating effective communication with students.

  • All students living off campus receive notification via their LMU email addresses when the OCAV process is available. Once notified, you can complete the process by following these steps:

    • Visit MyLMU and sign in using your LMU credentials.
    • Open the dropdown listing from Campus Life>Housing and Facilities.
    • Select OC Orientation and Address Verification. This will take you to the online orientation system. 
    • After you complete the online orientation, verify your address by bringing a piece of mail with your name on it to either Off Campus Student Life (Malone 301) or Public Safety (Foley Annex).  
  • By the end of September, all students who have not completed the online address verification process will have a hold placed on their accounts. This will prevent any adding/dropping of classes and Spring registration. Additionally, this could result in a $200 fine being placed on your account.

    Be sure to complete the OCAV process as quickly as possible to avoid affecting your registration eligibility.  

FAQs About the Address Verification System

    • You do not need to complete this process. If you continue to receive email reminders, let us know at OCSL@lmu.edu so we can make sure you are on the exclusion listing.

    • Students need to verify their addresses once per academic year.

    • Yes, please contact OCSL@lmu.edu so we can verify whether you are in our system.

    • First, try using a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. If the orientation process still does not work, contact OCSL@lmu.edu or visit our office on the third floor of Malone, and we will look at it together. 

    • Sometimes, this can be because of the different ways of spelling addresses and using abbreviations. Contact our office (OCSL@lmu.edu) and we will troubleshoot this together.

    • No, apartment complex names are not required. Be sure to include your unit number in the address.

    • Email OCSL@lmu.edu and we will assist you.

    • Verify your address at Off Campus Student Life, located in Malone 301.

    • We accept all kinds of documentation for address verification! Some examples include utility bills, magazine subscriptions, lease agreements, packages, and more. Unfortunately, we are not able to use a driver’s license for address verification.

    • Check for existing holds by logging into PROWL (Student Services>Registration>View Holds).

    • If you know what steps you are missing in the OCAV process, finishing those will result in the hold automatically being removed. If you do not know what steps you are missing, please contact OCSL@lmu.edu to learn more.