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Learn More About Community of Care

Community of Care Mission Statement 

The mission of the Loyola Marymount University Community of Care (COC) — a collaborative case-management program — is to enhance community safety and student well-being. The Community of Care provides prevention, assessment, and intervention for and with students as they navigate the challenges that stand in their way of academic and personal success. 

What kind of help do we provide?

We provide help with all the following needs of students

  • Personal Crisis/Distress 
    • Multiple or particularly complex issues that impede a student’s well-being or academic success
    • Incidents involving any form of bullying, or harassment 
    • Personal tragedy/crises that impact a students ability to be successful 
    • Direct statements indicating distress, emotional troubles, family problems, or loss

  • Mental Health 
    • Depression 
    • Suicidal thoughts or emotional disturbances 
    • Severe anxiety and stress 
    • References to suicide, homicide, despair, or confusion in verbal statements or writing 

  • Academic Difficulty 
    • Missing two or more classes within the first two weeks of each term 
    • Truancy (without notifying professor, especially the last few weeks of school) 
    • Isolation from other students/community members 
    • Low level or no engagement in the classroom 
    • Unexplained or repeated absences 
    • Uncharacteristically poor preparation or performance 
    • Deterioration in quality of work or extreme disorganization 
    • Disruptive classroom behavior or erratic performance 

What Happens When a Community of Care Referral is Received?

  • We will acknowledge that we received the referral via an email
  • The case will be assigned to one of our case managers
  • The case manager will work with the student and provide resources and an action plan
  • The case manager will schedule follow up meetings with the student to check on the action plan
  • The case manager will contact the submitter and let them know that the student is getting help and resources